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Fantasy Team Names for Girls

Fantasy Football Names for GirlsSome of you may be returning to your fantasy leagues, while others may be popping their fantasy cherry, diving head first in to a game that will undoubtedly take over your lives for the next five months.

Whatever the case may be, there can be no doubt that fantasy football is gaining more interest by women. I thought I would share a few tips on how to come up with the perfect name for your fantasy team, as well as a few popular names for a women’s team.

First things first, before you start to name your team you have to consider what type of league you are in; is this a work league? Is this a league with your friends? Are you the only girl, is it all girls, or is there a theme?  Here are some tips that can help aid you in coming up with your fantasy team name.

  • If you are in a work league: These are people you work with, so you want to make sure that your name is fun, yet stays professional and considerate; unless of course this is a group of co-workers you are friends with outside of work and are not subordinates, or your boss. If that is the case, then you can probably follow the friend guidelines posted below.
  • Be clever and witty. Think of something that’s football related that you could integrate with the fact that you are a girl. Or don’t, who cares, you can think of anything, just steer clear of basic “Football Chick” or “Fantasy Girl” it’s been done and you want to show people in your league you are here to play. You can come up with something better.
  • Do not be afraid to throw in the fact that you are a girl. I play in many leagues with guys and I sometimes throw in a little something when it applies. For instance I am in a dynasty league with some of the awesome Gridiron Experts writers and the league theme is “Game of Thrones.” I know nothing about Game of Thrones, however I know that they have kings, or at least they have a throne in the title. So, I named my team “Queen of Throws.” It might be a bit easy to come up with, but I stayed with the theme of the league, integrated a football theme and threw in the all-powerful Queen title.
  • In friend leagues, chances are you are going to see a lot of interesting names. Some maybe really crass, hilarious and off the wall. The point is that it is all in fun. Whether you are playing with a bunch of guys or in a league with your girlfriends, don’t’ be afraid to think out of the box with your name. Remember when you are making your name to have fun with it and not take so seriously.

FF Team Names for GirlsIf all else fails and you are just completely stumped, I have compiled a top ten list from around the internet of fun team names for girl fantasy footballers. Some are girl specific, player specific and some are just fun:

  1. My TD’s are real
  2. The Boldin the Beautiful
  3. Sacks and the City
  4. Luck be a Lady
  5. Va-Jay-Jay Cutler
  6. Victorious Secret
  7. Femme Fatal
  8. AphTHROWdite
  9. Brady Gaga
  10. Touch me and I’ll Suh


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