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Fantasy Football Evolution Review

Fantasy Football Evolution Review

Fantasy Football Evolution ReviewFantasy Football Evolution is a lot different than traditional leagues or tournaments in the sense that you have a chance to win a massive prize without having to pay a hefty entry fee or have to wait for a league to fill. At Fantasy Football Evolution you can do a draft in 15 minutes. The concept is you pick your draft position, and then go up against a draft simulator. There are no trades and no waiver wire pickups, so you are required to add depth at every position. But unlike a lottery type league, you still have control over your weekly lineup adjustments and can play in as many leagues as you want all in the same contest.

It’s been a couple of years since I played at FFE, but in this article, I’ll explain the rules and talk about a recent draft strategy along with sharing the results of my latest team. I’ll also show off my old school T-Shirt I won back in the day when FFE was just starting up.

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How this works (Quick Version)

  • $25 a team
  • Pick your draft position, draft against a simulator
  • You must manage your team week to week
  • Starting Lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, K, DEF
  • This is a super Flex league; you can start 3 QB’s
  • No Trades, No Waiver Wire
  • Play against 11 computer teams
  • Advance to the postseason for a chance to win a mega prize
  • Don’t make it; there is a consolation competition

FFE Prizes

  • 1st  – $25,000
  • 2nd  – $2,500
  • 3rd  & 4th  – $500
  • 5th  – 8th  – $250
  • 9th  – 16th  – $100
  • 17th – 32th  – $50
  • 33rd – 64th – $25
  • 65th & Lower – Entry into the Consolation Competition
  • Weekly High Scorers – $100

How the League Works (More Detailed Version)

Fantasy Football Evolution scoringFantasy Football Evolution competition consists of a standard league format. Your team will compete in individual leagues against 11 computer teams, similar to traditional fantasy football leagues. This goes on for eight weeks, where every week from weeks 1 to 8, your team will compete head-to-head with a different computer team. Your team’s starting lineup of players will go up against the computer team’s starting lineup of players to determine which team will win that specific matchup.

Each team will compile a win/loss record in Stage One based on the results of its league games. The compilation of win/loss record in association with total points scored and a predefined tiebreaking system (see Tiebreaker section) will factor into whether a team will advance to Stage Two. Only human players advance to the playoffs. Any team that compiles a record of 5 – 5 or better during the first eight weeks of Stage One will automatically move on to Stage Two. A team’s win/loss record can be viewed on the “League” tab. However, a designated percentage of teams must move on to Stage Two. As a result, some teams with a win/loss record of less than 5-3 MIGHT move on to Stage Two. If at the end of Stage One, less than 45% of the overall teams have compiled a record of 5-3, FFE will advance the next best teams with a 4-0-4, 4-1-3, 4-2-2, 4-3-1 and/or 4-4 record to Stage Two to satisfy the 45% minimum quota. For example, if there are 100,000 teams and only 44,000 entries finish Stage One at 5-3 or better, the top 1,000 4 win teams will move on to Stage Two to satisfy the 45% quota. The tiebreaker above system will be employed to determine the remaining teams required for Stage Two.

Each week, you can review the overall standings on the “Leaderboard” tab to see how your team(s) ranks compared to other teams and how close they are to the Stage Two “cut-off.” The “cut-off” is similar to the cut line used on a golf leaderboard. FFE will use a standard algorithm to select the teams that will advance to compete in Stage Two.

My Draft Strategy

FFE is a Super Flex tournament. That means both your flex positions can be used for quarterbacks. So when prepping for your draft, you should plan to get, and start three quarterbacks every week. They’ll gain the most points, so make them the focus of your draft strategy.

As you can probably guess, with the ability to start three QB’s, the Quarterbacks fly off the board quickly throughout the draft. One of the cool features of doing a draft at FFE is you get to pick your draft spot, so you can land your favorite player or prepare for what’s coming. The draft I did on August 15th, there were seven quarterbacks taken in the first round. I guess Fantasy Football Evolution review their draft simulator order daily and make tweaks based on current NFL news and injuries, making most drafts different.

My Team

I decided to go with the 6th draft spot for this team. The first five selections we’re quarterbacks, (including Andrew Luck who still isn’t practicing) and David Johnson. I decided to wait on my QB and select Le’Veon Bell. Because of the draft simulator, so it took all of 10 seconds before I was right back on the clock. After seeing another cluster of quarterbacks fly off the board, I decided there was no point in reaching and that I was going to continue to build a team around elite RB/WR talent and wait on my quarterbacks. I grabbed Julio Jones and A.J. Green before taking my first QB.

Mitchell Renz and I have talked about how high we both are on Ben Roethlisberger on The Empire Fantasy Podcast, so I was thrilled to snag him in the 4th round.

From there I continued to add depth and gamble with waiting on QB’s. I left my tight end position until late but was happy drafting Julius Thomas and Jared Cook. I think in years past they awarded a full point per reception just for TE’s, which made people reach on the position. Either way, I’m fine with late round TE guys in 2017.

Fantasy Football Evolution

Challenge Me in 2017

Like I said in the intro, I took a couple of seasons off playing Fantasy Football Evolution, but I’m back with a vengeance in 2017. I like the updated website, I think the mobile look is significantly improved, and I’m happy they didn’t overly complicate the game from the last time I played. However, it would be nice if they added an APP down the road for easy access to all your team lineups, but I’m ok with the mobile view for now. FFE is perfect for someone who wants to enter a big Fantasy Football contest without having to spend a whole whack of cash on entry fees. You could literally do five drafts in one afternoon if you wanted. FFE has been growing every year, and I’m excited to draft a few teams this season.

If you want to challenge me this fantasy football season at FEE, Click Here to Signup Today!

You could be drafting 5 minutes after you signup!

Follow Me on Twitter

Check out my tweet. I’m rocking my FFE T-Shirt prize I won back in the day… I think for making it deep into the playoffs. If you do signup and draft a team, hit me up on twitter and let me know how your draft went. There are a lot of different ways you can build a roster with that super flex option; I’m curious to see how other lineups turn out.

Also, Gridiron Experts hats are coming at Fantasy Football T-shirts very soon.


If I forgot something about Fantasy Football Evolution, or you have a question, leave me a Facebook comment, and I’ll reply with an answer.

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