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Fantasy Auction Draft Strategy: Money Management

Auction League Draft Strategy

In a Fantasy Auction League you need to be aware of every dollar, and there are different strategies to handle this task along with ones that will help you get a jump on the best value.

Auction League Draft StrategyIn a Fantasy Football auction leagues you need to be aware of every dollar, and there are different strategies. The following tips should be applied when trying to maximize your best fantasy options during the auction. Also Check our Auction League Values  for more research.

Pre-Draft Allowance Auction League Draft Strategy

*Based on a 12 team-league with $200 budget, 16 roster spots.

This strategy is based around the concept of a predetermined allowance that gives you money to move around on the fly. Clearly you will never pay more than $4 for a kicker, defense, or depth player, and will get many players for just a buck, but setting a pre-draft amount per position will give you the sense of value when you score a player for cheap or need money for a bidding war. Creating a plus/minus system where you are allowing yourself a budget per player allows for adjustments.

Now with the money you have saved per position, you can go after a player more aggressively knowing you have extra dollars to spend. That 2nd RB can now cost $9 more than your targeted $25 amount.In the event you were over your targeted budget, you can simply adjust to make a depth player dollar value much cheaper.

QB-Drew Brees $38 (+$2)
QB-Joe Flacco $5 (+$5)
RB- Adrian Peterson $40
RB- $25
WR-Wes Welker $32 (-$2)
WR-Antonio Brown $17 (+$3)
WR-Jeremy Maclin $10
TE- $5
K- Jason Hanson $1
DEF- Pittsburgh Steelers $1
Bench- Reggie Bush $10 (+$1)
Bench- $2
Bench- $2
Bench- $1
Bench- Alshon Jeffery $1
Bench- Kendal Hunter $1
Pre-Draft Allowance
RB- $40
RB- $25
TE- $5
DEF- $1
Bench- $11
Bench- $2
Bench- $2
Bench- $1
Bench- $1
Bench- $1
Pre-Draft Allowance is just an example, change it to how you want

Other helpful tips


Use Poker Chipspoker chips

Some Fantasy auction league commissioners have been known for providing a way for each fantasy owner to keep track of their dollar amount. But if they don’t, do it yourself and bring 200 Poker chips to the draft. Make things easy, nobody likes doing math.

Drive the Price Up 

Never let someone walk away with a good deal, it’ll just mean they’ll have more dollars for the next bid. Always pick your spots and try to squeeze every extra buck out of the guy sitting next to you. Throw a bid on a player just as things are about to close, he’ll bid again.

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