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Fantasy Football Dilemma: Keep 2, Trade 1

Trade 2 Keep 1 Fantasy Football

“Keep 2 Trade 1” is a group discussion article where the Gridiron Experts staff voice their opinions on which 2 players an owner should keep and which one they should trade


Keenan Allen | Antonio Brown | Alshon Jeffery

“Keep 2 Trade 1” is a group discussion article where the Gridiron Experts staff voice their opinions on which 2 players an owner should keep and which one they should trade.

Jason Willan -Gridiron ExpertsIn a keeper league, it might be tempting to hold onto Allen, since he is the youngest of the three receivers and is coming off an impressive 71-catch, 1,046-yard, 8-touchdown rookie campaign. But Jeffery is one of the best young receivers in the game and he outperformed Allen in each fantasy category last year except touchdowns, where he was just one score behind. Brown, meanwhile, was the top performer of the group in 2013, his first season as the Steelers’ clear-cut number-one pass catcher, in which he was second in the league in receptions with 110 grabs. I like Keenan Allen, but he is the easy choice to trade from this group. Jason Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Antonio Brown. Trades: Keenan Allen

Zach Greubel -GridironExpertsBrown was an easy choice as a keeper considering this is a PPR scoring league. He’s the Steelers’ No. 1 receiver and Emmanuel Sanders is gone. I didn’t struggle much choosing between Jeffery and Allen. I probably would have kept Jeffery and Allen had it been a dynasty league. However, since it’s not a dynasty league, and Brown and Jeffery were WR3 and WR8, respectively, in PPR scoring last season, I’ll keep them. They are prime candidates for top 10 wide receivers again this year. Zach Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Antonio Brown. Trades: Keenan Allen

Mike Rigz -Gridiron ExpertsThis seems too easy at first glance. Maybe Gridiron Experts should have included some actual trade scenarios to help put things in perspective.

We’re all grading who to trade on what we know of these wide receivers at this current date, and I think we can all agree that if someone asked about a possible trade they would likely give up more to get Alshon Jeffery or Antonio Brown. 2nd year Charger Keenan Allen’s fantasy value is a tougher sell to most owners, but for all we know he could turn out to be an excellent long term productive starter. We only have one season in the books to gauge his true value, and for that, trading him gets you less than Brown or Jeffery.

Rookie Seasons

1st YR First Season Team G Rec Tgt Yds Y/G Avg Lng YAC TD
2012 Alshon Jeffery CHI 10 24 48 367 36.7 15.3 55 3.1 3
2013 Keenan Allen SD 15 71 104 1046 69.7 14.7 43 6.2 8
2010 Antonio Brown PIT 9 16 19 167 18.6 10.4 26 6.9 0

But let’s forget for a second that we know that Alshon Jeffery had a break out season in 2013, and that Antonio Brown slowly worked his way into the hearts of fantasy owners and the starting lineup of  the Pittsburgh Steelers. Comparing these WR’s first seasons in the league, Allen comes out way ahead as the front runner. If these WR’s were all rookies last year, would Allen’s value not be the one everyone would pay more for? We have to think big picture. I would trade Antonio Brown as I could get more for him, and keep Keenan Allen hoping he continues to be productive moving forward. Mike Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Keenan Allen. Trades: Antonio Brown

Shae Cronin -Gridiron Experts Alshon Jeffery is the no-brainer keeper of this trio, as his coach, roster situation, scheme fit, and skill set all help to provide you with the highest ceiling of the bunch. Between Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen — and as much as I love Allen — the PPR format gives you the push toward Brown. He’s the No. 1 guy in Pittsburgh, he fits the Steelers offense perfectly, and he gobbles catches. Shae Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Antonio Brown. Trades: Keenan Allen

Matt Harmon -Gridiron ExpertsI wanted to present a different idea than others suggested here, so I say trade Antonio Brown. While it seems ludicrous to deal the PPR maven in this keeper league, just hear me out. Brown isn’t some old man, but he is the eldest of the three options presented. Jeffery broke out last season, and Keenan Allen was dominant for stretches as a mere rookie. Despite great numbers last season, it’s reasonable to expect they haven’t scratched their statistical ceilings yet. Allen and especially Jeffery are on teams that have exceptional offensive minds guiding the ships. Coaching tends to be a big factor in my fantasy decision-making, and Brown is a distant third in that category. The biggest argument for dealing Antonio Brown is that his value will never be higher than it is now. His 2014 yardage and reception totals were the clear high watermark for his career. Brown’s TD total (a mere eight) is bound to fall as well. At 5’10″ and 186 pounds, it is unreasonable to expect him to match, or improve upon, that total. He’ll fetch you the greater reward in a trade, particularly in the PPR format. WR seems to be a strength for this team. Perhaps they could use Brown to fortify another area of the roster, or increase depth. It’s a unique approach, but one that has its merits and can foster the most team growth. Matt Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Keenan Allen. Trades: Antonio Brown

Jody Smith -Gridiron ExpertsI’d trade Allen, as the most unproven of these wide receivers. Also, keep in mind that the Chargers lost their offensive coordinator, so there’s no guarantee that Frank Reich will continue to look Allen’s way as much as the previoius regime did. Seems like a good time to cash out while Allen’s value is still fairly high. Antonio Brown is a PPR monster and Alshon Jeffery might be one of the top 6 or 7 receivers in the NFL. Jody Keeps: Alshon Jeffery & Antonio Brown. Trades: Keenan Allen

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