Fantasy Football Bold Predictions Week 10

Bold Fantasy Predictions: Week 10

We are heading into week 10 of the NFL season which means playoffs are right around the corner. Your team needs to start preparing for that round one buy, or the big playoff push. Matchups are going to continue to get harder and harder as we get deeper into the season with bye weeks and injuries popping up. Let’s take a look at some bold predictions for this week to help you win this pivotal matchup.

Kyler Murray is a Top-3 QB This Week


Does anyone remember the time before the draft where a lot of people were comparing Kyler Murray to Russell Wilson? Well, if that’s the case, Murray is going to be in for a huge game. Wilson just dropped 378 yards and five touchdowns on the Buccaneers and Murray is about to unleash a similar stat line. Murray has had an up and down year, as do most rookie quarterbacks. But this week he will have a Wilson-like type of game.

Chris Carson Scores Less Than 10 Fantasy Points

Running Back

Chris Carson Fantasy compressorChris Carson has had a tremendous year so far. Especially over the last handful of games. Carson has rushed for over 100 yards in four of the last six games for the Seahawks. Fantasy owners are going to expect that production again this week, but they’re going to be disappointed. To say the 49ers have been very good against the run this year. They’ve allowed just 823 yards rushing this year and have forced two fumbles. Their defensive front is among the best in the league right now. The Seahawks are going to have to throw the ball a lot this week if they want to have a chance at winning, but that won’t give Carson much chances of putting up quality fantasy numbers for your team.

Mark Ingram is a Top-5 RB This Week

Running Back

Mark Ingram hasn’t been great this year, but he’s been solid. There have been plenty of weeks where you look at his fantasy numbers and you’re scratching your head, and there are others where you leave the game fairly pleased. After seeing what he did against the Patriots defense, there’s no doubt that he is going to do that this week against the Bengals. He rushed for over 100 yards for the third time this season, and he’ll do that again this week while also getting into the endzone twice.

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Alvin Kamara Comes Up Big After Bye Week

Running Back

Is it fair to call Alvin Kamara a bust this year? Maybe not quite. His owners probably missed him a great deal over the last three weeks as he missed the two weeks prior to his bye week last week. This week they’ll be very excited to have their star running back. Kamara has yet to hit 100 yards rushing in a game this year and he has less than 100 yards receiving in the last three games he’s appeared in. Watch a healthy Karmara put up 100 yards rushing and receiving this week and he will be dancing in the endzone as well.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin Combine for 50+ Fantasy Points

Wide Receiver

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have been a tremendous duo for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. Both are in the top-5 for receiving yards this year. You could start to say that they’re the best WR duo in the league now. If you aren’t yet, you will be after this week. Evans and Godwin will combine for over 50 points this week. They’ve done it already this year, and you can add another to the list. The Cardinals have a questionable secondary that both of these stud receivers will exploit on Sunday.

DK Metcalf Has Another 100+ Yard Game

Wide Receiver

The DK Metcalf victory laps were in full force this week, and who could blame them? He’s a really good wide receiver who had a really good game and it’s going to continue this week. Metcalf is going to have a similar stat line that he had last week which read 6 receptions for 123 yards and one touchdown. He had a very good game that was, yes, against a very bad defense. He gets a very good defense this week in the 49ers, but this is going to be based on volume. The Seahawks will have to throw a lot, therefore, Metcalf is going to have another monster game.

Mark Andrews Scores 20+ Fantasy Points

Tight End

Mark Andrews got off to one of the hottest starts for tight ends this year. He was racking up double-digit points left and right but now has found himself in a bit of a slump. He has failed to put together double-digit fantasy weeks in his last two games, but this week will be much different. Andrews and the Ravens take on one of the worst teams in the league, the Cincinnati Bengals. Andrews put up nearly 15 points against them earlier in the season, but he won’t do that this week. He’s going to do even better. Andrews is going to put up 20+ points for your fantasy team this week and carry you to a much-needed win.

Kyle Rudolph Shines on Sunday Night Football

Tight End

Kyle Rudolph has not had the season he’s been hoping for. He’s been used primarily as a blocker than a receiver, and he has watched rookie tight end Irv Smith do a lot of the receiving. Things have been a bit different over the last three games, however. Looking at the first six Vikings games, Rudolph was targeted a combined 11 times. In the last three games, he’s been targeted 14 times. He’s clearly being used more in the offense, and Cousins could rely on him on Sunday Night. He’ll put up his first game with more than 75 yards and he will also have a touchdown.


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Good Luck Week 10!

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