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Brandon Marshall Humbled, Focused and Happy

Brandon Marshall

What can we, the fantasy football public, take away from a radio interview with Brandon Marshall. The guy is…well, a bit of a wildcard. I don’t mean to call-out one of my hidden fantasy sleepers for the upcoming season, but an great interview one day doesn’t mean that we’re not going to hear his name on TMZ or Pro Football Talks Police Blotter tomorrow, right?

Brandon MarshallWhat can we, the fantasy football public, really take away from a radio interview with Brandon Marshall? The guy is…well, a bit of a wildcard. I don’t mean to call-out one of my hidden fantasy sleepers for the upcoming season, but a great interview one day doesn’t mean that we’re not going to hear his name on TMZ or Pro Football Talks Police Blotter tomorrow. -Right?

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel published an article in July of last year, revealing that Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at Boston’s McLean Hospital. He is currently pursuing treatment for his mental illness and is even filming a documentary about his struggle.

The Waddle & Silvy Show”on ESPN(great show by the way) interviewed the talented new Bears WR Monday morning, and I got to say, for the first 10 to 13 minutes I was completely surprised from what I heard. His compassion for the late Junior Seau, and his take on the perception people have with depression was very interesting. I thought to myself, “Is this the same guy who was arrested fordomestic violence, disorderly conduct and hitting a woman in the face?” Marshall has done and said all the right things these days, and Bears fans must be thrilled with the early progress and maturity that he is already displaying in his short time in Chicago, lets hope this is just the beginning.

Alright, alright, lets get to the fantasy football stuff already!

The interview didn’t exactly break open the playbook, but one point that really stood out to me was when Marshall was asked about his chemistry with Jay Cutler. Marshall spoke about how Jeremy Bates (OC) Jay Cutler and himself were watching film in Chicago, strategizingfor the upcoming season. While watching highlights from good-old days in Denver, Marshall said he cringed at seeing his poor route-running and blocking in the running game. He noted that at this point in his career with all the knowledge he has gained, that he thought the Bears offense should be dangerous this season. Marshall also added that in the 3 short weeks he has spent in Chicago, he has been hanging out with his teammates no-stop. He said that he has already surpassed the time he spent with players in Miami, even though he was a Dolphin for more than two years.

Marshall also seemed very fond with Devin Hester.

Ive never been around a receiver, never seen a receiver who runs routes like Devin Hester does outside, Marshall said, via the Chicago Tribune. He has all the skills to be a great, a Pro Bowl receiver. Not a punt returner we all know what he can do there but a Pro Bowl receiver. Honestly, I think hes going to have a bigger year than me this year.

Fantasy Factor:

Everything sounds great, –well maybe not the part about where he thinks Hester will have a bigger season than him, but I’m guessing he’s just being humble. It’s hard to not be impressed with the things that Marshall is doing and saying. Just the fact that he is happy hanging out with team-mates is a huge fantasy tip that we should all take note of. If the guy struggles with mood or personalitydisorders, it doesn’t take a Ph.D to realize that being happy is a great short-term cure. A locker room with a positive vibe can do wonders for a players attitude and work ethic. Marshall’s new admiration for fellow teammate Devin Hester also couldn’t hurt. Learning new things from players that your respect is a better way to improve your game. I for one am buying into this Marshall attitude. I may eat my words if the guy gets arrested again or has a falling out in training camp, but so far so good.Marshall could be one of the leagues elite receivers in fantasy football, but it’s the baggage that’s holding him back from stardom.

Gridiron Experts is about to sink into the fantasy-nerd rankings shortly, we plan to have a detail and (hopefully) helpful board ready for everyone to work of soon. Check back to see how high B-Marsh makes the list.

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