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Fantasy Football Auction Strategy: Best Buys Vol. 1

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A few people have asked me: “What is the difference between a best buy and a fantasy sleeper?” Good question. A best buy is a person you should be very comfortable buying for the value associated with that player.

Fantasy Auction Best Buys: Quarterbacks

Auction League Draft StrategyA few people have asked me: “What is the difference between a best buy and a fantasy sleeper?”

Good question. A best buy is a person you should be very comfortable buying for the value associated with that player. A sleeper on the other hand, is someone who is not on a lot of the other owners radars. There are players that will fall into both categories, although you want to fill a roster with best buys, and take a shot with a few sleepers.

For this edition of Fantasy Auction best buys we will be looking strictly at the quarterback position. Let’s get started.

Tom Brady

New England Patriots

If you are looking for a top tier QB this year I urge you to buy Tom Brady. As of now, Rodgers is hovering around the $40 area on a $200 dollar budget. Tom Brady on the other hand is in the mid twenty dollar range. Rodgers and Brady were rated at number one and number three overall for fantasy points last year and were separated by just 5.3 points. To give you a clear view, number four overall was Cam Newton who was 16.82 points behind Brady. There are a lot of fantasy minds out there who are leaning away from Brady because he basically has a new receiving corps. Take advantage of that this year and get a great player at a cheaper price.

Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts

Last year, Andrew Luck was asked to take over for Peyton Manning and he did an amazing job. As a rookie he broke into the top ten quarterbacks for fantasy football points. Luck ranked seventh in passing yards, eighth in QB rushing yards and tied for third in QB rushing TD’s. Luck is looking to build on his chemistry with the teammates and his numbers may improve a lot from last year. Even in a Dynasty Auction, where Luck is valued much higher, he is a great value, but in a standard auction league, you can get Luck way cheaper and spend your money stocking up on the other skill positions.

Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys

Last year fantasy owners became frustrated with Tony Romo because of his poor fantasy numbers at the beginning of the year. Then the end of the year, when it counted the most, Romo came back in a big way to be rated eighth overall. Year after year Romo puts up numbers that keep him in the top ten for fantasy value boards. If Romo plays 16 games you can expect over 4,000 yards average around the 25-30 touchdown mark, which are solid fantasy numbers. Last year the Cowboys QB had 4,903 passing yards which ranked third behind Drew Brees and Matt Stafford.

When you are in an auction league the point is to get the right player for the right price. Tony Romo is the definition of “best buy.”

Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford was number two for passing yardage last year with 4,967 yards. Despite what you may think, Stafford is capable of throwing to more than one individual. The Detroit Lions added a new running back in Reggie Bush who has soft hands out of the back field which makes Stafford even more enticing. When you think of Stafford, think of the options at his disposal before you miss out on another cheap QB 1.

Keep in mind that quarterbacks are deeper than they have been in a long time and there is a lot of value out there. I personally do not like spending more than fifteen dollars on a fantasy quarterback with a budget of 200 dollars.  You would be fine if you decide to spend twenty but please do not spend much more than that. You do not need Aaron Rodgers to win in any type of league but he becomes less ideal when you are playing in an auction league. Any of the four guys listed above are good fantasy football auction values this year. Next, we are going to take a look at the running backs and see if we can’t pick out a couple of guys you may not be thinking about.


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