Fantasy Advice: The Itchy Trigger Finger

Members Exclusive: Mike Rigz Fantasy Advice

Week one of the 2014 NFL Season is days away and you’ve looked at your newly drafted fantasy roster about a hundred times. Maybe your league has the waiver wire open early, maybe you have very active league owners offering you trades. One thing is for sure, the excitement is in the air and you’ve got an itchy trigger finger. If you’re not careful you will destroy the city with your reckless ways.

My Advice: WAIT

  1. Don’t drop and pick up players this week.
  2. Don’t make any trades this week
  3. Don’t over think your draft
  4. Don’t have buyers remorse on anyone.

The truth is the uncertainty of the NFL is why we watch the game and why we don’t award the best looking roster the trophy in September. You need to relax. I have spent a lot of time over the long weekend answering trade questions and waiver wire questions.  No one has a single regular season stat in their game log for 2014, so why are you stressing?

A true fantasy champion doesn’t shake his team around based on a blurb or conversation with a friend. He doesn’t abandon ship from listening to a convincing argument on a podcast. He holds his head up high and believes in the players around him. This is the most arrogant thing I’ll say on Gridiron Experts in quite some time, but I have total faith in our rankings and think if you used our top 200 board throughout your draft you got yourself a pretty damn solid team.

So, from one long time fantasy football player to the next… relax guys.

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