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How Fanduel Works & How to Win

Fanduel –How it Works & How to Win

Daily Fantasy FootballFirst, let’s start off by asking yourself the three questions below.

  1. Are you new to Fanduel or any Daily Fantasy site?
  2. Do you want to fully understand how each game offering works?
  3.  Would you like to win some money?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then I’d suggest reading this article and check out this DFS optimization tool.

Play it Safe

For the two game types below the strategy to winning is playing it safe.  In these games, you have a 50 percent chance of winning so build a lineup that has consistent players with high floors.  So finding a player who scores 10 points every week is a better option than a player who could score 15 but risk scoring only five.  Make sense?

Head-to-Head: This game is set up so it’s just you and one other opponent. A useful tool when looking for a player is if you click on their username you will be able to see the players history.  You will be able to find how many games they have won, and see their total winnings. This is helpful so can compete against players at your own skill.

50/50: Now 50/50 leagues are similar but not exactly the same as Head-to-Heads. In these leagues, there can be hundreds of players or only a couple. The number of players doesn’t matter because the top half of players make money in these leagues. So if there are 100 people in the 50/50 league guess how many people win money? That’s right 50, you guys are killing it.  Great work. If you are the player that has success putting together good lineups than this is a great option for you.

Go Big or Go Home

For the three types of games below the motto is “Go Big or Go Home.” The strategy to winning tournaments and GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pools) is to let your hair down and roll the dice. You want to create a lineup that has players that have the potential to put up big weeks. Instead of looking for the consistent player who scores 10 points every week I want the player who could score 20.  Make sense?  Finding that “sleeper” is exactly what you need to really propel you to the top and a serious payday.

Tournaments (Single Entry): The first tournament type is exactly what it says.  A player is only able to enter one lineup in the tournament.  So if there are 100 players in the tournament that means there are how many players? Exactly 100, pat yourself on the back. Tournaments have normally a lot of players, sometimes six figures amount of players. Now can you understand why it’s important to be different? For tournaments, it is typical for Fanduel to pay the top 10 percent of players. So if you are a risk taker and are good at finding those sleepers each week who have huge weeks, then tournaments may be the best option for you.

Tournaments (Multiple Entry): This stuff isn’t rocket science, guess how many lineups you can have in these types of tournaments? If you guessed multiple or more than one than you are batting 1.000. These are the mother-ship of tournaments normally.  Large amounts of players with huge payouts.  It is easy to get sucked into playing these when you see the amount of money you can win but I warn you to stay away from these if you only plan on entering one lineup.  Your chances of winning are very slim. If you plan on entering multiple lineups than you will have a slight advantage but obviously the more lineups you have the more money it costs.

GPPs: These tournaments Fanduel has have guaranteed payouts. This is important because even if a tournament doesn’t fully fill, the payout is still the exact same.  Most of the time the tournaments fill but when they don’t that makes your chances of winning higher and the payout is still the exact same. Just like the tournaments above, it pays to be different and having a team that has a high ceiling is the way to make the real money.


The last and maybe the most important point is practice.  The more you play DFS the better you will become.  There are plenty of tools to help you along the way like “lineup optimizer.” I am more than happy to help and obviously if my advice helps and you win big then just Venmo me my share of the earnings, I think that’s fair. If you still are looking for DFS or fantasy football advice, follow me on twitter @mitchellrenz365 and tweet me your questions.

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