Fanduel Ownership Percentage

Fanduel Ownership Percentage

Gridiron Experts not only provides our premium and platinum members with Fanduel ownership percentage data, but shows them how to use that data effectively to create the best DFS lineups. Getting your hands on ownership percentage is a very valuable source of information in daily fantasy and can give you the winning edge when deciding on who to pick in your GPP lineups.

Disclaimer: This is not a foolproof method and we can’t guarantee you anything, we are simply providing you with data that can help improve your chance of success.

What is Fanduel Ownership Percentage?

Fanduel ownership dataIf you enter an NFL daily tournament which includes Thursday players at Fanduel, you are shown the player ownership percentage data once the game is live. You simply click on the player to get more information, and Fanduel will tell you the percentage of ownership for that player in the contest you are in.

You can then use this data when making your lineups for Sunday GPP lineups.

Now, obviously, this is just a helpful guide as there will be a slight change in the player ownership percentage data from the Thursday games to the Sunday games, but for the most part, the information is very close.

Why would it be different?

There is a slight difference in the data by the time the Sunday games begin. The main factor being there are no Thursday players in the Sunday games, so all of the owners who had Thursday players in their lineups will now have different players in their lineups for Sunday.

This will increase the ownership data slightly.

In fact, if the Thursday game is the Browns at 49ers, the chance could be very small, as there might not have been many players that were heavily owned in the Thursday game to begin with.

The second reason the data could change is injuries. A player that is questionable for a Sunday game is too risky to add to a Thursday Fanduel lineup, as once the Thursday game begins, lineups are locked and there is no swapping out players.

Do you have Data for DraftKings?

No, as there are too many variables for DraftKings. For example, you can make changes to a lineup for games that haven’t started at DraftKings, which consequently puts ownership data into a heavy flux. There is, however, interesting takeaways from the Fanduel ownership percentage data that can show the overall perception of how people assume players will perform.

Example Week 10: Highly Owned Players
Player Team Opp % Owned Salary Results
Allen Robinson
25.6 7500 13.6
Michael Crabtree
20.2 6400 7.6
Randall Cobb
16 7700 7.5
A.J. Green
15.6 8300 9.2
Julian Edelman
14.8 8000 7.3
Antonio Brown
12 8700 35.5
Stefon Diggs
11.3 6600 6.6
Demaryius Thomas
9.7 7900 10.6
DeAndre Hopkins
9.6 8900 14.2
Odell Beckham Jr.
9.5 8800 18.6
Example Week 10: Low % Owned Players
Player Team Opp % Owned Salary Results
Allen Hurns
1.8 7300 14.7
Rishard Matthews
1.7 6000 11.8
Rueben Randle
1.1 5700 6.6
Danny Amendola
1.1 5200 10.4
Jeremy Maclin
1 6500 3.2
Michael Floyd
0.9 5900 26.7
Ted Ginn Jr.
0.9 5100 6.5
John Brown
0.8 6100 0
Golden Tate
0.6 6300 7.3
How Does One Use This Strategy for Optimal Lineups?

Ideally, you’re using a contrarian strategy that goes against the grain. You are picking players that are not popular with the masses. If 45% of a tournament all own the same player and that player does not perform well, you have an advantage of dodging a popular underperformer. At the same time, there is a sense of confidence that if you build a team of players that have a low percentage of ownership, then when your players outperform, you quickly move up the leaderboard as no one else is registering the same fantasy points.

Gridiron Experts Projections + Owner Percentage Data = Value Picks

Gridiron Experts has weekly expert projections for all NFL games every week. We use our projections and the ownership data to pinpoint the best value picks that have the least amount of ownership, but the most upside.

Gridiron Experts will have Fanduel Ownership data ready for our members every Friday after the Thursday night games. Fanduel does not run preseason games, so this data will be available after the week one season opener.

But Wait, Didn’t Fanduel Cancel the Data?

Fanduel has made the decision NOT to provide Ownership Percentages of players for games that have not played. So you will know the data, but not until after a game has started



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  1. What a bunch of cheaty bastards!
    They get to have super accounts where they see the ownership data and enter contest based on this insider information and no one else does? What a bunch of garbage! It’s bad enough that they take enormous “rake” (fees) to the point where you have to win 57% of your cash games to profit, this is just criminal… But enough casual fans don’t care where they’ll probably just make a fortune and don’t care.
    Good news is there’s a lot of other competitors popping up, so bye bye fanduel and draftkings as soon as I figure out where else to play.


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