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Do The Falcons Have The Best WR Combo?

Roddy White Falcons

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White says he and Julio Jones are “going to be there to play in the party” as the top receiver duo in the NFL this season. “I feel like me and Roddy, we’re the best when we step on the field,” Jones said.

roddy-whiteAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White says he and Julio Jones are “going to be there to play in the party” as the top receiver duo in the NFL this season.  “I feel like me and Roddy, we’re the best when we step on the field,” Jones said. “We take it as a challenge every year: We want to go out and show everybody we’re the best one-two in the league.”

That’s nice. You’re excited about the up-coming season and your bro-mance has jammed up the fantasy football airwaves on an otherwise lackluster news week with claims of being the best combo in the NFL. Frankly, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, big time players like to talk a big game. But should they be so quick to call dibs on the throne considering the Chicago Bears receiving duo Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery claimed the title last season, combining for 2,716 yards, 19 touchdowns on 189 grabs. Not only did they wreak havoc on the field, Jeffery and Marshall combined numbers were an improvement over the Falcon combo from two years.

So Who is the Best WR Combo?

ADP Standard Scoring Team ADP PPR Scoring Team
2.04 Brandon Marshall CHI 2.02 Brandon Marshall CHI
2.05 Julio Jones ATL 2.04 Julio Jones ATL
3.03 Alshon Jeffery CHI 2.11 Alshon Jeffery CHI
5.02 Roddy White ATL 4.09 Roddy White ATL

Does it matter? All four of these fantasy wide-outs are great weapons to have on your fantasy roster. You heard me, even Roddy White who does still have gas in the tank left at the age of 32. In fact, of all four of these NFC pass catchers I think Roddy has the best bang for buck value in fantasy drafts this season. Even after his recent tragedy, White is extremely motivated to get the Falcons back on a playoff run. Before the 2013 nightmare season, the Atlanta Falcons were legitimate contenders to represent the NFC in a Super Bowl. A long list of injuries including a season-ending fracture to Julio Jones (right foot) ruined the Falcons three year playoff appearance streak. And while the loss of Tony Gonzalez may stress Falcon fans even further, it should only strengthen the value of Roddy White as a possession receiver in the redzone. Barring any setbacks from Julio Jones, the Falcons should return to the elite passing attack they were only a few seasons ago.

Side Note: Added Protection 

The NFL draft was also very kind to the Falcons offense, as Atlanta’s offensive line made significant strides with the addition of first-round pick Jake Matthews. Matthews, a player described as the most NFL-ready in this year’s draft class should drastically improve a glaring weak spot on the Falcons offensive line. More time for Matt Ryan will only help the WR combo get down the field further or get in and out of breaks to find holes in the defense.

Competitive wide receivers claiming to be the best only fires up the competition. Call it what you want, arrogance, disrespect, I call it gamesmanship and fuel for the fire that will light up the scoreboard and my fantasy team.

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