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Early Super Bowl LIII Odds Plus Three Year Recap

Super Bowl LIII Odds

Next year’s Super Bowl couldn’t be further away, but oddsmakers are always ready for you to make a wager. Next year, Super Bowl 53 will take place at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons. A lot will change in the next few months with teams trying to juggle their salary cap and add talent through free agency and the NFL Draft. It’s very likely Super Bowl odds will get altered, however, I thought it would be interesting for an odds comparison on how these teams have progressed over the last three years. We often over analyze individual players or aspects of a team, however, if the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles have taught us anything, it’s that it’s a team game and that players need to step up in key situations.

The following is a breakdown of the current Super Bowl Odds to date with a three year team record overview.

Super Bowl 53 Odds Team Rcords
Team Current Odds  2017  2016  2015
New England Patriots  +550  13-3  14-2  12-4
Philadelphia Eagles  +900  13-3  7-9  7-9
Green Bay Packers  +1000  7-9  10-6  10-6
Pittsburgh Steelers  +1100  13-3  11-5  10-6
Minnesota Vikings  +1400  13-3  8-8  11-5
New Orleans Saints  +1500  11-5  7-9  7-9
San Francisco 49ers  +1600  6-10  2-14  5-11
Atlanta Falcons  +1800  10-6  11-5  8-8
Los Angeles Rams  +2000  11-5  4-12  7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars  +2000  10-6  3-13  5-11
Houston Texans  +2500  4-12  9-7  9-7
Oakland Raiders  +2500  6-10  12-4  7-9
Seattle Seahawks  +2500  9-7  10-5-1  10-6
Dallas Cowboys  +2500  9-7  13-3  4-12
Carolina Panthers  +3300  11-5  6-10  15-1
Kansas City Chiefs  +3300  10-6  12-4  11-5
Los Angeles Chargers  +3300  9-7  5-11  4-12
Denver Broncos  +4000  5-11  9-7  12-4
Baltimore Ravens  +4000  9-7  8-8  5-11
Detroit Lions  +5000  9-7  9-7  7-9
Indianapolis Colts  +5000  4-12  8-8  8-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  +5000  5-11  9-7  6-10
Tennessee Titans  +5000  9-7  9-7  3-13
Washington Redskins  +6000  7-9  8-7-1  9-7
Chicago Bears  +6600  5-11  3-13  6-10
New York Giants  +6600  3-13  11-5  6-10
Arizona Cardinals  +7000  8-8  7-8-1  13-3
Buffalo Bills  +7500  9-7  7-9  8-8
Miami Dolphins  +7500  6-10  10-6  6-10
Cincinnati Bengals  +8500  7-9  6-9-1  12-4
Cleveland Browns  +10000  0-16  1-15  3-13
New York Jets  +10000  5-11  5-11  10-6

Super Bowl LIII Odds

My Thoughts on Super Bowl 53 Odds  

Even with questions circling about Rob Gronkowski’s possible retirement, salary cap issues to key players including Left Tackle Nate Solder, and of course Tom Brady’s age, there is no doubt that the New England Patriots are a dynasty and will always find a way to win. Going three years back doesn’t do the Patriots justice. The Pats have had at least 10 wins the past 15 years including a 16-0 season in 2007. They have won the AFC East 15 of the last 17 years. It’s the easiest team to rank when making Super Bowl Odds.

The Philadelphia Eagles future is bright and deservingly own the second spot on the Super Bowl odds list. Carson Wentz was having an MVP type season before going down to injury and will no doubt be hungry to take his team back to the promise land. The Eagles still have two more seasons at paying Wentz at a discounted rookie contract rate, allowing them the freedom to add talent to the rest of the roster.

The Packers are always NFC contenders and have had a solid three-year span. However, the pressure is now beginning to mount on the shoulders, HC Mike McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson. The team needs to be more aggressive in free agency and scout better at the Draft.

The Steelers, Vikings, and Saints are rich with talent and all deserve to be among the top teams projected to win Super Bowl 53. However, it’s very interesting to see the San Francisco 49ers ranked so high. There has been a lot of change for the 49ers in the last three years, and despite just now getting their franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo, it seems they still have a lot of work to do. I’m chaulking these odds up to hype.

The Atlanta Falcons will be cursed with hearing how no team has ever made the Super Bowl the year their city has hosted the game. The Falcons did make the playoffs after their heartbreaking loss to the Patriots this past season, but I’m sure at this point, the Falcons don’t care about streaks or curses and are just looking to do whatever possible to get back to the big game.

The Rams, Jaguars, Texans, and Raiders all fall under the “up and coming” NFL team list in my opinion. With the exception of the Jaguars, all of these squads have young franchise quarterbacks and will look to take things to the next level.

Best Long Shot Odds

Last September, I wrote an article for Super Bowl 52 betting odds, and the Philadelphia Eagles were +3300 to win. The Eagles were ranked 17th on the list. The article was written after the first week of the season, so Philly could have even been further down the list earlier in the year. My point is, the top 10 teams don’t always win it all. Someone can always emerge as the new underdog. The following are three teams I like as long-shots for 2018.

Carolina Panthers

SB Odds: +3300

Cam NewtonThe Panthers could easily get back to their winning ways from 2015 when they won 15 games but fell just short in Super Bowl 50. I feel the team needs to add a couple wide receiver targets for Cam Newton but overall, +3300 is an insult for a great NFC team with an elite defense.

Kansas City Chiefs

SB Odds: +3300

I honestly thought the Chiefs were the darkhorse team in the AFC this past season. They beat the Patriots week one and showed serious potential knocking off some of the league’s top defenses. The Chiefs had a mid-season slump where they lost six of seven games in the middle of the season, but still ended the year strong with a four-game win streak. Andy Reid needs to take a page out of his former Offensive Coordinator’s playbook and get more aggressive late in games. Doug Pederson’s aggressive playcalling will surely be a trademark a lot of teams will look to adapt, none need to do that more than the Chiefs in big games.

Tennessee Titans

SB Odds: +5000

The Titans took some huge steps forward this past season, including playing spoiler in the first round of the playoffs and getting some valuable playoff experience on the road against the Patriots. The Titans are a very young team and have $49 million in available cap space, not including the $6.2 million they’ll save if they cut 30-year-old DeMarco Murray loose. With some clever offseason pickups and a great draft, the Titans could be a sleeper in 2018.

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