Dynasty WR Rankings 2019

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Dynasty WR Rankings 2019

Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings

The following is Gridiron Experts Dynasty WR Rankings for 2019. We plan to expand on these rankings as more of our staff members begin to submit their dynasty rankings this offseason. Gridiron Experts will also be publishing player projections this offseason, make sure you signup for our newsletter to catch them when they launch.

When it comes to dynasty league football, the wide receiver position is arguably the most valuable positions there is. While the running back position offers more of an immediate return on investment, the wide receiver position is one that players tend to hold their value for a long time. Anymore, PPR scoring is the new norm in the fantasy football community, which leads to receivers being even more valuable.

There’s a reason why players like Calvin Johnson and Antonio Brown stayed at the top of dynasty rankings for so long during their perspective careers. The wide receiver position as a whole is historically more consistent and reliable from year to year than the running back position. The lifespan of wide receivers in the NFL is also historically longer than the running back position. Don’t be surprised when you see guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr. at the top of dynasty rankings for years to come.


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