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Dynasty Dominance: Sophomore TE Surprises

Sophomore TE Suprises

Like wide receivers, the tight end position has become a premium in dynasty leagues. Once an elite level tight end is established, they are near impossible to acquire without over paying.

Dynasty Dominance: Sophomore TE Surprises

Like wide receivers, the tight end position has become a premium in dynasty leagues. Once an elite level tight end is established, they are near impossible to acquire without over paying. The majority of dynasty owners are always looking for the next Jimmy Graham type talent that hasn’t emerged yet. Most of this potential might lay on waiver wires, or the back end of another owner’s roster. There were many tight ends in last year’s draft class that some may have already forgotten about. Many suffered injuries, or got next to no playing time for whatever reason. Owners also fail to realize that the tight end position seems to take two to three years to really develop for the NFL game. With that said, here are some sophomore tight ends that should be dynasty relevant soon. Now is the time to act on them, before they breakout and the price gets ridiculous…

Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz are the obvious top choices coming into the season. While they did have some standout games, they didn’t produce as the TE1’s some thought they would. A few things prevented this. First, while they were both used, the fact is that Jermaine Gresham and Brent Celek were still in front of them on the depth charts. Both Celek and Gresham could be out of the way soon though. Celek will most likely have to restructure his deal. He is owed four million in 2014. Gresham will be a free agent in 2015. While most know Eifert and Ertz, I think now will be the last time you will be able to afford to trade for them.

Jordan ReedJordan Reed was one of the best rookie tight ends in 2013. He suffered a concussion mid season and continued to have lingering head issues. Eventually, he was shut down for the season. Most knew he had injury concerns heading into the league, but these head injuries are very serious. Investing in Jordan Reed is like playing with fire. Reed has good upside on a team that lacks athletic pass catchers, yet he may be one head injury shy of being out of the league.

One of my favorite sleepers from last year that didn’t exactly pan out was Travis Kelce. He was in a good situation and I think could have really helped out Alex Smith, but an early injury derailed his rookie season. If Kelce can stay healthy, he shouldn’t have a problem working his way into the offense. The only guy in front of him on the depth chart is veteran Anthony Fasano. Not to mention, the Chiefs are lacking good pass catchers outside of Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles.

Joseph Fauria, Mychal Rivera, Luke Wilson and Levine Toilolo are more guys to keep an eye on. We saw the red zone beast that is Joseph Fauria, but is that all he is? We will soon find out, as he currently sits atop the depth chart for the Lions. If they do or don’t bring someone else in, it will be a telling sign. Rivera was a nice surprise for the Raiders that seemed to go unnoticed by most dynasty players. While he didn’t light-up the fantasy scoreboard, he was heavily involved in the offense. I think if Oakland can settle on a decent quarterback, Rivera’s value could skyrocket. Luke Wilson is a trendy name in the dynasty community and has showed some flash. My main concern is his usage. Can the Seahawks spread the ball around enough to make him relevant? They seem to not use the tight ends much. Lastly Levine Toilolo, the current starting tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. With Tony Gonzalez gone, Toilolo is in a perfect situation in this offense. It will be interesting to see if he can take advantage of it. If so, he could become a key player for dynasty owners looking for the next big thing at the tight end position.

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