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Dynasty Bargain Bin: Quarterbacks

Dynasty Bargain Bin

Alex Smith

Dynasty Bargain Bin: Quarterbacks

Free agency has officially kicked off in the NFL. Teams jockey for position to make huge offers to stockpile their own rosters with talent for now as well as for the future. As dynasty owners, we are always trying to improve our teams as well. But maybe you don’t want to break the bank, and are just looking for a piece or two to add to your team just to get by. In this article we take a look at a couple of different quarterback scenarios that dynasty owners may be facing, as well as cheap ways to find a solution.

Stopgap/Emergency Back Up

Much like the Cardinals or the Bills, some fantasy owners may have some signal-caller issues of their own. Maybe a past draft pick didn’t pan out, or you are looking to take a QB prospect in an upcoming rookie draft to develop, but not necessarily ready to start right away. Another possibility is a situation where you have an elite starter and just need an emergency backup to use in case of bye weeks or injury.

Guys like Alex Smith, Brandon Weeden, and Christian Ponder would be prime candidates for these two scenarios. The three of them, as of now, are the clear cut starters for each of their respected teams. They have shown that they can be very productive at times, but aren’t going to ever make it to that top echelon of fantasy quarterbacks. High point totals aren’t to be expected, but considering the purpose of using these caliber of quarterbacks, it could be worse, and will get you by in a pinch. The main bonus here is the cost to get one of these quarterbacks. It should cost you very little to nothing, to acquire one of them due to either their age or past performances. A late round rookie draft pick may be all it takes to get one of them. There is even a chance that they are floating around on the waiver wire.

Future Developmental Players

Shop for new Nike Alex Smith Kansas City Chief's Jerseys at NFLShop.comWith the NFL becoming a pass-first league, teams without a solid quarterback will, and do struggle. Teams must look to stock pile talent for the future. When they don’t, it can become a long, dark, downward spiral.  The same approach should be taken in dynasty leagues. So maybe you’re in a league with a very deep roster, or possibly have an extra roster spot or two to play around with in a shallower league. It never hurts to look a few years ahead for a potential starter. There are some names out there with potential fantasy value, and unlikely to be owned in most leagues.

In keeping with the theme, if they were owned, it should cost less than what a stopgap/emergency backup would cost. Younger players like Dennis Dixon, Brock Oswieler and Ryan Mallett could become hot commodities in the future. The former Oregon Duck Dixon signed with the Eagles, reuniting him and his college coach Chip Kelly. With a Kelly-ran offense coupled with the uncertainty of Michael Vick and Nick Foles, an opportunity for Dixon sooner rather than later. Brock Osweiler and Ryan Mallett are two potential starters down the road. With Peyton Manning’s age and neck concerns, Osweiler could be taking the reigns in a few years. Sitting behind a hall of famer should help Brock learn and prepare him for the NFL. The same can be said for Mallet. With the recent contract extension of Tom Brady, Mallett will most certainly be traded at some point. Depending on his landing spot, he could end up a great dynasty asset.

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1 Comment

  1. Road Warrior

    March 15, 2013 at Friday, March,15

    I love articles like this. And yes, please Free Ryan Mallett. Great job Zhan.

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