Dynasty QB Rankings 2019

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Dynasty QB Rankings 2019 6

Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

The following is Gridiron Experts Dynasty QB Rankings for 2019. We plan to expand on these rankings as more of our staff members begin to submit their dynasty rankings this offseason. Gridiron Experts will also be publishing player projections this offseason, make sure you signup for our newsletter to catch them when they launch.

The quarterback position is a very interesting one for dynasty football leagues. If you play in 1QB leagues, there’s a good chance you’ve seen quarterbacks get traded around fairly often. When a young quarterback breaks out and sees a huge bump in value, see Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in 2017, it isn’t uncommon to see them at the top of dynasty quarterback rankings shortly after. On the other hand, veterans like Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger can end up being anchors for your dynasty team for 10+ seasons. Superflex or 2QB leagues have gained popularity over the past few years, and the value is significantly greater for quarterbacks in those leagues. It can be more difficult to make trades involving quarterbacks in those leagues due to this discrepancy owners may have regarding value, as well as the significant value they bring.



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