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Dynasty Dominance: Struggles With Trades

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It seems that Dynasty trades have become increasingly harder to pull off and reasonable negotiations are non existent. What was once a staple activity in ANY type of fantasy football league, has now become almost a chore to some owner.

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Fantasy TradeI have been playing dynasty fantasy football for some time now. I’ve seen it all and heard it all from draft and trade stories to insane leagues with interesting rules. There is something I’ve noticed though that seems to be a trend with most dynasty players in most leagues and that is the ability to make trades. It seems that trades have become increasingly harder to pull off and reasonable negotiations are non existent. What was once a staple activity in ANY type of fantasy football league, has now become almost a chore to some owner. So where and what did this stem from?

Why has trading in dynasty leagues become so difficult?

While engineering a fair fantasy football trade in a regular redraft league can be daunting, dynasty leagues present a whole different set of problems.”-@Jodysmith_NFL

As Jody stated, there are many things that go into trading in dynasty leagues. Age, contract situations, and level of production are just a few things to take into consideration in dynasty trades. Adding into that draft pick, different roster sizes and league rules and things can get confusing fast. Experts all over twitter and the web are quick to give opinions and help out on trades. However many times they advise without taking league rules (salary cap, contracts, starting lineup requirements, etc) into consideration, Potentially causing owners to have clouded judgement. League setup and rules are first and foremost when considering dynasty value.

Plenty of times trades can benefit both sides but with twitter and other social medias, people want to post their trades and get told “Good Job”. That often leads to them wanting to get a downright steal to feel like a trade is worth it instead of taking risks and chances.”- @ShanePHallam

One of the most annoying things to me about fantasy football is group think. Rankings, ADP, player and trade values in reality should vary a ton based on each individual owner. Instead we have become reliant on trying to be the “smartest” owner or trying to impress the experts on twitter. Sure I’ve robbed owners in trades, but I’ve also practically given players away. Yea I’ve got other people I respect in the industry’s opinions on trades, but I’ve also gone completely against them. Bottom line is you do what you have to do to try and improve your roster, regardless of what others think. In that respect I’m a huge fan of Bill Belichick and the late great Al Davis.

You must be willing to take risks in trades, and like a good QB, have a short memory if it didn’t turn out to be a ‘steal”.- @MBronteDynasty

Most of the success stories from all over the world have come from people taking risks. Without taking at least some sort of risks, you never get ahead of the competition. Sure your roster might look ok now, but within a few years it could potentially become a rebuild. You can still take some calculated risks in trades without being flat out stupid about it. While everyone is hot for new rookies, try and trade for that second year player that did nothing his rookie year. Maybe you like the situation for a recently signed free agent veteran quarterback, and you feel he could push your team over the hump to a championship. Taking some risks can also get you ahead of the curve. A great example of this in the NFL would be the New England Patriots. They constantly take risks on free agents and rookies alike. Some work out and some don’t, yet they remain consistently competitive and sometimes start trends. Look what they did a few years back with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. They do assume some risk in their decisions, but they trust their evaluations and do things their own way.

Now that I have established some of the potential roadblocks that have plagued dynasty owners of making trades, the question is how can they be fixed? My answer to that is to build through the draft.

This can definitely put a focus on putting your time into scouting for sharp rookies or finding players who are being under hyped by the media through your own scouting process and trading for them. Let the other team “win” the trade on paper and you win in a year or two.”-@ShanePHallam

While I’m still active in my leagues, and ALWAYS up for any type of trade talk I have resorted to a
“build through the draft” approach. Instead of getting frustrated with inactive, or price gouging owners, I prefer to rely on my evaluation skills. I have spent more time in the past 3 years or so than i ever have watching college prospects and writing my own scouting reports. The results have been great as my ability to spot talent has become much better. Doing in depth research on prospects does take time and hard work, but I feel it will and has paid off. Not only that but its a fun learning process as well as an activity that you can do all year around. Being able to hit on rookie picks won’t require you to rely on making many trades to build up your roster. This should save you some time and potential headaches in negotiations. Of course you have to be smart about this. I’m not saying trade away whatever you have to to acquire rookies, but rather make those not so obvious fourth through seventh round rookie picks count. A great example of this approach would be to just look at any NFL franchise. Teams typically don’t make many trades, but put a ton of stock into their scouting departments and front office decision making. Many will say you can’t compare the NFL and fantasy football, but when building a dynasty, I think the approaches are very similar.

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