Deep Dive: Dynasty Football Advice Week 10

Dynasty Football Advice: Week 10

It is always nice to hit when you take a chance on a player, and he produces points for you. It is better still when the return is more significant than you expected, or it happens quicker than you expected. If you read last week’s article you saw that I mentioned the name Zach Pascal and that you had to make sure to start him the right week to avoid the zero. The nice thing is lately he has been putting up point totals that have been better than average every week. Sometimes it’s not about hitting on the breakout player, but more about grabbing the player who comes out of nowhere and playing him for as long as you can before the ride is over.

We all want to collect assets as we buy low and sell high to build a team that is set up to push deep into the fantasy football playoffs. Sometimes dynasty GM’s are needing that last piece to the puzzle and need to make a trade or sneaky pick up to gain an advantage at one position. Other times, the GM knows they are on a downward spiral and need to jettison their remaining talent for any youth or draft picks they can acquire so they can start down the long road to a rebuild. Either way, we are all looking for help, the earlier and more frequently it comes the better. Here are a few more players who are surprisingly still available in some of the leagues with deeper rosters.

Ryan Griffin

Tight End

Since training camp started, people were monitoring the Chris Herndon situation at tight end with the hopes he could be a reliable safety valve option for developing quarterback Sam Darnold. After a short suspension, Herndon picked up a nagging hamstring injury and has been mostly inactive for the first part of the season. After Darnold recovered from his illness the team started to move the ball better and a couple of the New York Jets players started to look like they had streaming potential. Since Darnold’s return, he has found a safety valve in the veteran tight end, Ryan Griffin. Griffin has caught 3 touchdown passes since Week 6 when Darnold regained his health. As bad as the Jets have been to watch you should have taken notice that Griffin is a red-zone target. By no means TE1 numbers but he has put out some production that would help make your team competitive 3 of the past 4 weeks. He has 14 catches for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns while they are waiting for Herndon to become healthy enough to be activated. Maybe Griffin is only going to be helpful while Herndon works his way back into shape, but that’s no reason to not put in a waiver claim so he can help you finish the year with good tight end production. Maybe you get lucky and some NFL team picks him up for next year because his play this season has been like an audition. It has happened before where a player catches on in a new city on a different team after putting together a great stretch of production.

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Brandon Allen

Quarter Back

Dynasty GMs with shares of Drew Lock were waiting for the Joe Flacco experiment to end so they could see what they had in their investment. In week 8, before the bye week, Denver chose to go with Brandon Allen. A lot of signs point to the fact that Allen doesn’t have a lot of potential for prolonged production. Drew Lock is projected to come back in week 11 and with Denver falling farther and farther down the standings, John Elway will more than likely want to see what the team has in the young signal-caller. Most of Allen’s yards were on huge chunk plays, one being a 75 touchdown catch by rookie Noah Fant. The thing is, Allen was competent with running the simplified offensive gameplan that Denver had planned. He offers some mobility for the offense which fits what the Broncos have with Flacco and Lock. It might be a low percentage chance of hitting, but if Allen has to play a couple more games because Lock isn’t ready, then maybe Allen can use it as an opportunity to show other teams that he can be a serviceable backup. Guys like this that can help carry you through an injury-plagued season. Look at the situation in Jacksonville this year with Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew, a quarterback who is forced to keep the seat warm for the better part fo a season can be useful to dynasty GM’s. Allen could be that guy if he is forced into action again and it might not be for the Broncos but regardless of which team it is, watch closely so you can benefit from it by having Allen on your team.

UFA – Jay Ajayi

Running Back

Whatever Ajayi is paying his agent he seems to be worth it because every couple of weeks his name is mentioned in connection with teams who are having trouble running the ball. Most recently he has worked out with Arizona and Detroit but has yet to sign with any teams. It seems he has yet to convince teams he is fully healed up from his ACL injury. If he can get healthy he is still young enough (26) and has a decent production history that some team who needs that boost will need to sign him to fill in for a chink of the season. The injury and how well he has healed up is the only reason we know about that keeps Ajayi off of an NFL roster. After he worked out for the Cardinals they signed Zach Zenner and Alfred Morris. If Ajayi is healthy he should be able to help an offense at least as much as those two guys. If I have a roster spot to burn I am closely watching Ajayi’s situation to see if he signs with a team. He is a bigger back who can catch the ball and can run inside or outside. He has averaged around 4 YPC recently so he had been playing at a high level before his injury started giving him problems again. “Prove it” deals are handed out often to players coming off injuries or into new team situations. If he proves he is healthy he could start being picked up by an NFL team and more and more dynasty teams.

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