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Dynasty Dominance: Self Reliance and Being Prepared

Dynasty Dominance

I’m a big proponent of being as self reliant as possible in life. Many problems we may potentially face in our day to day living can be less impactful when certain precautions are taken ahead of time.

Dynasty Football: Self Reliance and Being Prepared

Fantasy Football 2013I’m a big proponent of being as self reliant as possible in life. Many problems we may potentially face in our day to day living can be less impactful when certain precautions are taken ahead of time. Stocking up on food and water before severe weather, or building up a separate savings account are just a few examples. By doing this, we don’t have to be in a panic if something happens. You will already be somewhat prepared. This state of mind can easily be rolled over and applied to the way you, as a dynasty owner, should approach building and maintaining your franchise. Reliance can help prevent future roster problems and could potentially save you some stress if your star player goes down with a season ending injury.

Self Reliance

Dynasty owners of today have a vast array of places to get info to help guide their decisions. There are plenty of websites dedicated to dynasty content. There are also a ton of experts and writers on twitter that are always happy to give their opinion and advice. All that is fine and well, but sometimes too much info can lead to poor decision making. Too many times, I see dynasty owners hinge their team’s future on the opinions of others. Maybe it’s trading away everything to get that stud RB or getting rid of all of your veteran players in favor of young guys. I’m not saying owners shouldn’t read other opinions and content. I’m saying you should be a sponge and take in all the info, while also being able to filter it. We must be able to separate the track record and authenticity of the source from the group think and stale BS.

You also have to take into account your own league rules. Many times opinions given and content written is very generalized and may not apply to your specific league(s). I also think it is valuable to look for content or experts opinions that you disagree with, just to see if you might be missing something on a player or strategy. Being able to correctly process all of the dynasty information will help you in furthering your personal evaluation process. It will help you achieve the goal of being a self sufficient dynasty owner. It will help you be more comfortable trusting your gut instincts instead of relying on the opinion of others for assistance.

Being Prepared

There are MANY things dynasty owners can do to get their franchise prepared for the upcoming season, as well as the future. While many think this is the “off season,” that couldn’t be further from the truth. As a dynasty owner, your time spent getting better never stops and now is the perfect time to start building depth. For the most part, unless you are in a start up draft, your team is set heading into 2014, or so you think… Too often, I see owners trying to go after star players only. While it’s the obvious choice to go after the best players you can, it’s very unrealistic and owners will often sacrifice their depth and future to get a player. The problem here is what do they do when the player they gave up the farm for suffers an injury?

While your depth options might not be great or flashy, they will be better than nothing. An example of what I’m talking about might be a team with a TE corps of Jimmy Graham, Brent Celek and Travis Kelce compared to Jason Witten, Kyle Rudolph and Charles Clay. While Graham is obviously the best player, the backup options aren’t the most reliable. The other team however is seemingly in a plug and play situation as their talent and production are all relatively close to each other. Many times, (especially during the offseason) most of these lower tier players can be had relatively cheap. If you have a surplus at one position, you could look to move them to build depth at another. Getting some solid depth built up over time can bail you out mid season if/or when one of your players goes down with an injury.

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