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DraftKings Advice Week 16 (Free Staff Lineups)

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DraftKings Lineup Advice: Week 16

What is This?

Gridiron Experts Draft Kings GauntletEach week 12 Gridiron Experts writer’s will share their DraftKings Lineup with the public in a staff contest that will be stretched out over 16 weeks (we start week 2). This mini-tournament amongst our staff is like poker game where all the cards are face up. Each writer will showcase their skills in Daily fantasy while helping our fanbase make decisions with their lineups.

How does this Contest Work?

The goal of the DraftKings Gauntlet is not only to have the highest score each week but to be consistent every week as the writer’s scores will be added to a season total. By keeping a running tally of all weekly DraftKings lineups and scores along with previous lineups, our fanbase get to see our progress, strategies in action and allow people to build trust in our suggestions.

Writer Thoughts & Insight

This week I’m sticking with must-win teams in good weather conditions. I picked the Vikings last week to destroy the Colts but was completely surprised by the Colts offensive line and ability to keep Luck standing upright. The Colts seem relatively healthy now, and I think they should be able to stretch the field against a Raiders team that has the pressure off, now knowing they’re going to the post season. This time of year you see teams that have clinched the postseason ease off the gas pedal. I want nothing to do with the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Raiders. The Patriots, on the other hand, are the exception, as they never seem to rest players and will always run up the scoreboard against a division opponent. I know teams like the Cowboys have come out and said they’re not resting players for week 16, but they didn’t say anything about reduced snap counts. If I were a coach, I would cut the workload in half these final two weeks. I may eat my words here, but I can’t see Ezekiel Elliott getting 20-25 carries this week, more like 15 to 17.

Drew Brees is arguably the best quarterback option this week at home in what is anticipated to be a high-scoring affair against the Buccaneers. The question is which pass-catcher will fair better? I’m going with Michael Thomas. His price at $6,000 reasonable given his high ceiling. For running backs, I’m going with the triple J’s: Jordan Howard, Jonathan Stewart, and Jay Ajayi. Each of them should see at least 20 touches in favorable matchups and reasonable prices.My biggest question mark is Allen Robinson. He’s disappointed in good matchups throughout the year, but I’m giving him one last chance at a dirt cheap price of $4,600.

My Gauntlet strategy this week is focused on accumulating as much exposure as I can to the passing attacks in the Saints/Bucs and Raiders/Colts games. Maybe that’s not the boldest of moves since Vegas has point totals in the 52-53 range for both contests, but there are enough viable options at QB-WR-TE that I think I can load up on these defense-optional games and still differentiate my DFS lineup. Instead of guys like Brees, Cooks, Hilton, and Crabtree, I’m rolling with Luck, Thomas, Moncrief, and Cooper. At RB, Jonathan Stewart has been getting a big workload the last few weeks and draws a great matchup with the Falcons run defense. I’m pairing him with Dion Lewis, who has also seen his workload increase in recent weeks and should be involved in the passing game against a terrible Jets defensive unit.

Philip Rivers has thrown multiple TDs in every game since Week 8 and travels to Cleveland-Nuff said. Kyle Rudolph has seen 40 targets over the last four weeks and has a good matchup against a leaky GB Def. T.Y. Hilton will do what Hilton does and rack up yardage in OAK. Malcolm Mitchell was shut down by Denver but has been on fire otherwise. I like him against NYJ’s lousy defense. Michael Thomas is a pivot from Brandin Cooks in what should be a high-scoring game. David Johnson and Lev Bell have been killing it, but I went with Todd Gurley and Rob Kelley to afford my WRs since both RBs have a good shot at a multi-TD game. Did I mention SD plays CLE?-I’ll take Bosa and the SD defense. Dion Lewis is risky being, you know, an NE RB but I love his $4,100 price and PPR floor.

This week I decided to formulate my lineup around Matt Ryan ($7,200) and his juicy matchup against the Panthers. I’m fully aware that Todd Gurley has been the biggest bust this season but the 49ers rush defense has been just as ugly, so I’m going to roll the dice on his $6,500 price tag. From there I went with Jordan Howard ($6,300) who is facing a Redskins team that is allowing the 3rd most points in DK formats to running backs. I also liked Jonathan Stewart ($5,200) coming off of a back to back games with 20+ carries and heading into a great matchup against the Falcons. Every now and again I like to splurge on a big name receiver, so I took Antonio Brown ($8,200) going up against a Ravens defense that has allowed 20 touchdowns to opposing wide receivers. From there I grabbed two bargains in Malcolm Mitchell and DeAndre Hopkins who both sit at $5,200. Hopkins has struggled but his 17 targets last week is hard to ignore. My last two spots went to the Chargers DST ($3,400) going up against the Browns and Dion Simms ($2,600) playing tight end for the Dolphins. Four touchdowns in the last four weeks is also hard to ignore. Happy Holidays folks!

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Gauntlet Standings

Gridiron Writer Season Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Jeff Smith 2012.82 138.62 149.96 140.6 170.8 165.78 175.12 102.7 117.78 143.04 161 125.02 119.66 161.7 141.04
George Fitopoulos 1983.94 172.42 144.54 143.72 162.94 122.2 146.32 118.7 163.52 153.12 148.18 136.46 111.36 135.32 125.14
Brian Jester 1983.94 114.04 111.26 147.52 172.58 157.22 163.62 120.4 140.88 151.2 141.48 110.82 140.34 179.14 133.44
Jody Smith 1938.05 134.26 135.3 129.34 162 118.2 167.78 126.6 120.7 162.92 120.28 122.04 140.66 126.03 171.94
Zach Greubel 1878.44 111.02 173.64 125.22 141.74 136.5 117.62 113 114.56 167.2 149.1 98.9 128.04 145.7 156.2
Mike Hauff 1862.16 152.92 123.26 153.2 147.94 140.62 160.92 115.24 127.22 125.78 135.1 104.4 122.56 98.46 154.54
Mike Rigz 1841.22 106.66 158.74 94.2 143.64 130.08 151.48 116.04 141.08 134.48 140.98 142.6 131.78 111.56 137.9
Austin Gayle 1827 146.92 119.26 92.7 148.84 114.5 165.74 181.52 153.08 107.84 132.7 107.44 136.5 107.84 112.12
Jason Willan 1796.44 115.92 93.26 123.32 136.66 155.6 214.84 133.9 129.42 120.88 91.64 96.1 161.84 94.36 128.7
Shae Cronin 1778.34 122.42 171.86 66.5 99.7 147.56 171.24 111.1 135.12 120 141.5 121.56 127.34 114.82 127.62
Eric Ludwig 1756.5 115.6 124.96 119.2 188.5 161.68 107.32 145.6 133.12 116.88 117.18 86.24 114.36 114.16 111.7
Bob Talbot 1752.86 115.56 141.78 117.9 150.26 103.6 126.58 114.9 126.48 118.74 109.98 94.64 135.78 109.86 186.8

Happy Holidays!

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