DRAFT Week 3 Daily Fantasy Targets

DRAFT Week 3 Targets

Anyone who watches NFL football has seen all the commercials for DraftKings and FanDuel. They’re unavoidable during any broadcast, but there’s a pretty fun third option in the form of draft.com. It just so happens that DRAFT and Gridiron Experts have combined to run a great promotion for first-time players.

Seriously, you can’t beat getting a free shirt and playing daily fantasy football. As the name suggests, this platform combines the fun of daily football and drafting. Instead of trying to fit players in under salary cap, you pick your team using a standard snake draft. The timer is set to just 30 seconds a pick so the drafts are done in a flash. Ownership percentages are out the window because only one team can own each player.

Personally, I stick to contests that are no more than six or eight players. You need to fill one QB spot, two RB spots and two WR/TE spots for a total of five players. Seeing as how the teams are so small, it can be difficult to recover if you pick one player that has a bad game. Bigger lineups make it easier to survive that one bad play. Having said that, there are a couple rules that I generally try to stick to when I play on DRAFT.

First, I don’t worry about QB until my last pick. You only need one and it just doesn’t make sense to go QB early when so few QBs will be off the board. Secondly, I prioritize RBs who I think can find the end zone and maybe catch a couple passes. That’s obviously the goal for everyone, but it’s half-point PPR scoring format. There are enough WRs to go around if you stick to the smaller games. Touchdowns are paramount for me when I draft my team. My last rule is I almost never take a TE. The format doesn’t force you to, and most of the top WR will typically see more volume than even the top TE. There are weeks that these I’ll break my own rules. For instance, last week the Patriots played the Saints. The Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski stack would’ve done very well last week. Fantasy football is a weekly game and just like during our season-long drafts, it’s important to not trap yourself into a box no matter what.

Now that we have some basics, let’s get into which games and offenses I want to target this week. Pretty much all the big name studs will be owned since rosters are small. Guys like Le’Veon Bell, Jay Ajayi and Kareem Hunt along with Antonio Brown will be drafted very early. There are some games that I’d be willing to target over others just due to the potential for offensive fireworks.

Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

The Falcons will be without pass-rushing beast Vic Beasley, which is a big boost for the Lions offense. QB Matthew Stafford has been playing very well to start the season. His stat line doesn’t pop out from Monday night, but the Lions had that game well in hand and he didn’t need to throw. That won’t be the case this week when Matt Ryan and the Falcons come to town. This game should feature plenty of points.

  • Targets – QBs Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford, RB Devonta Freeman, WRs Golden Tate and Julio Jones
  • Bigger Contest Considerations – RBs Tevin Coleman and Theo Riddick
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New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

The Panthers offense hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. QB Cam Newton is clearly a little rusty after off-season surgery. Losing Greg Olsen certainly won’t help in the long term, but the Panthers are in a get right spot this week. The terrible Saints defense comes into Carolina and if Newton and company can’t get it going this week, alarm bells need to be going off. The flip side is even though the Saints are on the road, QB Drew Brees should be able to stack up the passing yards if he’s behind on the scoreboard.

  • Targets – QBs Cam Newton and Drew Brees, WR Michael Thomas

Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers

Anytime the Packers are at home, count me in. The Bengals defense certainly doesn’t scare me off in this spot. There is some concern over WR Jordy Nelson and his quad injury, meaning I wouldn’t take him. However, WR Davante Adams is an excellent play that could go overlooked in some drafts. WR Randall Cobb is most likely out, but QB Aaron Rodgers and RB Ty Montgomery can still put up big points. The Bengals offense isn’t too attractive outside of one major play – WR A.J. Green. He was the squeaky wheel and the Bengals should be behind for a lot of this game.

  • Targets – QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Ty Montgomery, WRs A.J. Green and Davante Adams
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Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins

It wouldn’t surprise me if this game was the second highest scoring of the day behind Atlanta at Detroit. Washington hasn’t clicked on offense yet. QB Kirk Cousins has looked like he misses ex-offensive coordinator Sean Mcvay in a major way, not to mention WRs Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Yet, the Oakland defense just made the Jets and QB Josh McCown look like a functional offense. Meanwhile, the Oakland offense looks lethal being led by QB Derek Carr. It’s risky trying to guess which WR is his favorite each week, but they’re worth the pick.

  • Targets – QBs Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr, RB Marshawn Lynch, WRs Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper, and Terrelle Pryor

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