DRAFT Week 14 Strategy and Picks + Exclusive Offer!

 Eliminated From Your Home League? The Season is Not Over:

DRAFT.com Exclusive Offer

Most degenerates like me are in so many fantasy football leagues that you’re bound to have some fantasy playoff action this time of year. But the average fan only goes in one, maybe two leagues, and there is a really good chance that due to some bad luck from NFL injuries this season, a lot of people are done for the year. Nobody wants to call it a year in early December, so Gridiron Experts is teaming up with DRAFT.com to get you back in the game!

But first, what is DRAFT?

DRAFT.com is one of the coolest new daily fantasy sites on the market. DRAFT is based on the concept of building teams from actual live drafting instead of playing in mega tournaments with sharks that are entering hundreds of lineups at a time. At DRAFT, you can play in a number of games that mostly revolve around live drafting with other users for awesome prizes. These are weekly contests, so every week is different based on schedule, matchups and bye weeks. There are a lot of runner-up prizes for the weekly contests and small league sizes to allow you to draft excellent rosters. DRAFT also features season-long bracket tournaments where you go head to head with another user each week to advance deeper into the tournament for massive prizes.


The volume on this video is a little quiet, but this is me doing a quick walk-through video of DRAFT.com. I filmed this over the Summer.

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Week 14 DRAFT.com Strategy and Picks

Alright, so you’ve signed up, you sent your email telling us what shirt you want, now lets talk strategy!

Carson Wentz 1A lot of the same rules that you used in the summer to draft your team for your league apply to building a team at DRAFT. Remember, as shown in the video that I made in above, you are drafting live with other people online. So waiting on your QB is always a smart move. My advice is to decide beforehand who you want to target at QB and then pick accordingly. The DRAFT goes fast, so make sure you’re somewhat prepared for who you want to take. Maybe start with a $1 league to get familiar with the process. There is an app for iPhone users, which is very nice and user-friendly.

This week, Gridiron Experts Week 14 Rankings have players like Kirk Cousins (vs LAC), Cam Newton (vs MIN) and Marcus Mariota (vs ARZ) all ranked in the top 12, but low on the board overall. You could probably wait and target one of these guys with your last picks. However, after doing a couple drafts prior to writing this article I can tell you people are steering clear of Carson Wentz this week. In one draft I was in, someone actually selected Matthew Stafford over him. Stafford has a bummed throwing hand after getting it stepped on last week. I think after the Eagles sloppy performance on Sunday Night Football and the tough matchup people have Wentz low on their board, I like him over Stafford.

You can also gamble with Russell Wilson despite his terrible matchup. Wilson is arguably one of the top QB’s off the board any other week, but this Sunday he heads to take on Jacksonville. I know the Jaguars have a great defense, but if fellow NFC West rival the Arizona Cardinals can put Blaine Gabbert in a position to throw for two passing touchdowns, I think Wilson will do just fine. You can easily take Wilson with your last pick.

Another piece of advice is to try not to fall victim to selecting players based on DRAFT’s projections. Great website, and no disrespect to whoever does them, but I find they don’t favor players that are heavy reception leaders. The scoring format is 0.5 PPR, so running backs like Christian McCaffrey (64 receptions) and Carlos Hyde (52 Receptions) should be ranked higher, but they aren’t. You can get sneaky and target elite WR’s in the first round and second round and still snag these types of players in the middle rounds.

I didn’t get a top pick in any of the drafts I did this morning, but regardless I still targeted the best WR’s available. The following is how my drafts went down

$5 DRAFT | Payouts: $22.5 | $13 | $9

Drafted from 10th Spot, I went: WR, WR, RB, QB, RB

  • Adam Thielen
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Carson Wentz
  • Latavius Murray
$5 DRAFT | Payouts: $22.5 | $13 | $9

Drafted from 8th Spot, I went: WR, WR, RB, RB, QB

  • AJ Green
  • Tyreek Hill
  • Alfred Morris
  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Russell Wilson
Good luck this week! If you have questions about the contest, DRAFT or Fantasy Play Start, and Sits, follow me on Twitter
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