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DRAFT DFS Strategy Week 14: Snake Draft Advice

Davante Adams

Three Person Drafts: NFL Week 14 (Sun-Mon Slate)

DRAFTIt’s time for another week of DRAFT strategizing for those who love to play one-week daily fantasy games at DRAFT.com. This time of year, fantasy owners who are calling it a season in fantasy leagues, tend to focus more on daily fantasy games like DraftKings or Fanduel. However, I have found that those who couldn’t get enough Mock Drafts and or live to draft in leagues over the summer, really do love the format and awesome app over at Draft.

Sometimes timing is everything. Last week’s article was written and published just as the video was released of Kareem Hunt assaulting a woman in a hotel. With that news, Travis Kelce’s projection skyrocketed and Philip Lindsay became playable. Both players smashed last week, but we weren’t targeting them while Hunt was in play. Hopefully, this week works out better.

Let’s compare some Draft with DailyRoto this week projections:

*Projections may change throughout the week. These projections were pulled on December 6th for the Sun-Mon slate.


QuarterbacksDailyRotoDraftDraft Rank
Patrick Mahomes23.6322.41
Ben Roethlisberger22.8920.37
Aaron Rodgers22.4420.53
Jameis Winston21.7321.32

We always love to get Patrick Mahomes, but Ben Roethlisberger will be free this week in a great matchup against Oakland. It is an away game for Big Ben, but it’s Oakland. Both sites like Aaron Rodgers and Jameis Winston. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the GB offense looks with Mike McCarthy no longer calling the plays.

Running Backs

Running BacksDailyRotoDraftDraft Rank
Christian McCaffrey23.2922.91
Saquon Barkley22.0821.02
Ezekiel Elliott21.8019.73
Todd Gurley21.1719.64
Alvin Kamara18.7317.26
Aaron Jones18.1717.35

DailyRoto and Draft projection ranks are nearly identical. There is a pretty big drop off between Todd Gurley and Alvin Kamara/Aaron Jones. I expect to see those first four RBs go with the first four picks in most drafts.

See More of Daily Roto’s Projections here.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends

Wide Receivers/TEDailyRotoDraftDraft Rank
Keenan Allen19.4717.11
Davante Adams18.4316.42
DeAndre Hopkins17.6015.74
Antonio Brown17.4415.46
Tyreek Hill17.2815.46
Michael Thomas17.2515.55
Julio Jones15.9715.93

Julio Jones should jump off the page. DailyRoto may not be high on him because Matt Ryan is significantly better while playing in domes. Ryan and Jones will be playing in Green Bay with temperatures in the low 20s. Hopkins, Brown, Hill, and Thomas are virtually interchangeable. I think this is a good week to stack QB-WR. There are no clear advantages. I’d much rather stack a QB-WR to maximize the points potential than spread it out to mitigate risk.


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Drafting in First Position

YouTeam 2Team 3
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Keenan AllenAaron JonesTodd Gurley
Patrick MahomesDavante AdamsJulio Jones
Antonio BrownMichael ThomasDeAndre Hopkins
Alvin KamaraJameis WinstonAaron Rodgers
DR Total: 102.56DR Total: 97.66DR Total: 98.98
Draft Total: 95.0Draft Total: 91.5Draft Total: 91.4

I drafted Antonio Brown in this one, but you could easily put Tyreek Hill in to get that stack with Patrick Mahomes. There’s really not too much to think about in the first position. You might have to change your plans if Team 2 drafts Keenan Allen or Mahomes, but the decisions you make should be easy.

Drafting in Second Position

Team 1YouTeam 3
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Aaron JonesKeenan AllenTodd Gurley
Patrick MahomesAntonio BrownDavante Adams
DeAndre HopkinsBen RoethlisbergerJulio Jones
Michael ThomasAlvin KamaraJameis Winston
DR Total: 99.94DR Total: 100.61DR Total: 99.10
Draft Total: 93.8Draft Total: 91.0Draft Total: 92.9

You miss out on Mahomes, but you get that stack with Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. This is a three-person race. I looked at taking Mahomes second, but it’s actually worse:

Team 1YouTeam 3
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Keenan AllenPatrick MahomesTodd Gurley
Davante AdamsAntonio BrownJulio Jones
Aaron JonesTyreek HillDeAndre Hopkins
Jameis WinstonAlvin KamaraAaron Rodgers
DR Total: 101.09DR Total: 99.16DR Total: 98.98
Draft Total: 95.0Draft Total: 91.4Draft Total: 91.4

If you want to play it ultra aggressive you could draft Mahomes second and stack him with Hill and Travis Kelce. I think KC will try to get Mahomes the single-season TD record so it might work if Mahomes does throw for four or more TDs.

Drafting in the Third Position

You’re not going to get a very big edge drafting third, but I like the ways you can mix up your draft strategy. The most obvious start is to go RB-RB:

Team 1Team 2You
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Keenan AllenAaron JonesTodd Gurley
Patrick MahomesDavante AdamsDeAndre Hopkins
Tyreek HillMichael ThomasAntonio Brown
Alvin KamaraJameis WinstonBen Roethlisberger
DR Total: 102.40DR Total: 97.66DR Total: 100.90
Draft Total: 95.0Draft Total: 91.5Draft Total: 90.7

Drafting RB-WR is a surprisingly good option:

Team 1Team 2You
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Patrick MahomesTodd GurleyKeenan Allen
Davante AdamsJulio JonesDeAndre Hopkins
Antonio BrownMichael ThomasAlvin Kamara
Aaron JonesJameis WinstonBen Roethlisberger
DR Total: 100.96DR Total: 98.20DR Total: 100.49
Draft Total: 94.4Draft Total: 93.3Draft Total: 90.0

We talked about the KC super stack with Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce, but you can do something similar with NO:

Team 1Team 2You
Christian McCaffreySaquon BarkleyEzekiel Elliott
Patrick MahomesTodd GurleyKeenan Allen
Davante AdamsJulio JonesMichael Thomas
Antonio BrownDeAndre HopkinsAlvin Kamara
Aaron JonesJameis WinstonDrew Brees
DR Total: 100.96DR Total: 98.55DR Total: 97.63
Draft Total: 94.4Draft Total: 93.5Draft Total: 90.0

I think Brees, Thomas, and Kamara are going to bounce back against a terrible TB defense after being embarrassed last week in Dallas. This is just one of those weeks you’re going to have to do something creative to take a few of these drafts down.


It would be great to get Patrick Mahomes, but you can draft Roethlisberger at will and pair him with Antonio Brown. Keenan Allen is a priority target while the rest of the WRs are pretty closely projected. I think this is a week where you’re going to want to stack QBs and WRs even if it means drafting a player off the radar like Drew Brees. Have fun this week and I hope you advance if you’re in the playoffs.

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Good Luck


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