Does Reggie Wayne Have “Luck” On His Side?

Indianapolis Colts Reggie WayneNow that the Indianapolis Colts have made the decision to look towards the future and have drafted Andrew Luck, how will this affect the future of Reggie Wayne?

With the abilities and talent that Luck seems to possess, will that translate into success for Wayne? Luck seems to be as solid a rookie starting quarterback that has come along in quite a while. So with that said, how will this new duo work together for the upcoming season?

I have only watched a handful of Luck’s college games, but what catches my eye the most about him is his maturity and composure. He has a solid arm and looks to be very accurate with his throws. To me Luck is very “Manningesque”, and seems to possess many of the talents and traits that made Manning one of the best, if not the best quarterbacks in the league. Luck should be able to lead and earn the respect of the team, especially the offense. He will bring stability to the position, which the Colts sorely lacked last year. By having Wayne at his side, it should make Luck’s transition from college to the NFL a little easier.

As for the effect Luck will have on Wayne’s season and the rest of his career remains to be seen, but I feel Luck will only help, no pun intended. I believe even though Wayne may be on the back end of his career, he should definitely rebound and have a solid 2012 season. By Wayne re-signing with the Colts he has given Luck a solid and reliable target to go to. Even with Andrew Luck being a rookie and having all the pressure of being the number 1 pick, there is no question Wayne will be his go to receiver. Wayne’s stats should definitely improve over last year if only for the Luck effect. With the lack of depth the Colts have at wide receiver, Wayne should see an increase in his receptions. Also, with the lackluster running attack the Colts have, and the fact they should be playing in come from behind mode in most games, also leads me to believe Wayne should have a better season. He should finish the year with about 1100 to 1200 yards in receiving, and about 7 to 9 TDs. This doesn’t make Wayne an elite receiver, but definitely a solid number 2 receiver to put in your line up.

Andrew Luck has the makings of a solid rookie, which should have a huge impact to the Colt’s attack and Wayne’s season. With all that being said Reggie Wayne still has above average hands and is an excellent route runner, which will be key in his success for working with Luck. Taking Wayne anywhere from the 7th to 8th round should be a very safe bet. Getting him any later than that would be a steal in my opinion.

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