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DJ Moore Fantasy Profile 2018

DJ Moore was the first wide receiver taken in the NFL Draft 24th overall by the Carolina Panthers. Moore is an electric receiver often equated to a running back when he gets the ball in his hands. He produced well at The University of Maryland with a slew of QBs notching 80 catches his final year for over 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns. Moore’s not very tall, standing at 6’0, but plays physical and can go up and highpoint the ball. His speed and agility are what makes him exciting, often drawing comparisons to YAC all-star Golden Tate. DJ Moore is versatile in the sense that he can play all three WR positions.

DJ Moore Highlights

Panthers’ Offense 2018

It’s safe to say DJ will see the field early as he’s currently the #2 WR on the depth chart. He has the draft capital and will be a nice addition alongside Devin Funchess, Greg Olson, and Christian McCaffrey. The Panther’s newest rookie WR has stood out at OTAs and his big-play potential and should bode well with Cam Newton this season. Cam is a sub 60% completion type of guy but DJ’s ability to make contested catches will make him a good target.

However, the one thing that must be addressed is the plethora of talent DJ will find himself surrounded by. Devin Funchess is a true big bodied WR that Cam loves throwing to. There is also a top tight end in Greg Olson and of course Christian McCaffrey,  a do-it-all weapon who caught 80 balls last year which is jaw-dropping for a rookie RB.

Quick Notes

  • Cam Newton averages 285 completions a year
  • Christian McCaffrey had 80 catches last year
  • Devin Funchess had 63 catches last year
  • Ed Dickson had 30 catches last year (signed with Seattle this off-season)
  • Kelvin Benjamin had 32 catches last year (traded after 8 games)
  • Greg Olson had 80 catches his last full season in 2016

We can credit the resurgence of Ed Dickson to Greg Olson being hurt and Kelvin is no longer on the team. We know Olson is a top TE and a favorite target of Cam when healthy, Christian McCaffrey is a beast out of the backfield who should only improve and Devin Funchess is no longer second fiddle to Kelvin Benjamin. We also can’t forget about last year’s second-round selection Curtis Samuel who is slowly recovering from injury and should be ready for the start of the season. The takeaway from all the above is that DJ Moore will have a lot of competition for not a lot of catches.

Why DJ Moore Could Succeed

You know the saying cream rises to the top? Well DJ Moore has the potential to do just that. As stated, he has the draft capital and is already positioned to be WR2 for the Panthers alongside Devin Funchess. Also, arguably Cam’s favorite target Greg Olson is one year older and coming off an injury, who’s to say he can bounce back to his top TE status. Cam Newton isn’t what one might consider accurate but he trusts his receivers to make contested catches and DJ Moore is a big play guy, he has the potential to be a homerun hitter anytime he gets the ball in his hands. DJ has the college production and all things are pointing up, he’s doing everything he needs to do for us to believe he can come in day one and make a difference.

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Why DJ Moore Could Fail

The fact of the matter is, he’s a rookie and we don’t really know how he’s going to adjust to the speed of the NFL. There’s no doubting his physical ability but more times than not we see rookie receivers taking time to fit in. Cam isn’t known for supporting many fantasy studs and Christian McCaffrey could very well see 80 catches this year again, Greg Olson could also fall right back into Cam’s favorite target. People also can’t forget about Devin Funchess who has a rapport with Cam already, ultimately there are some target hogs surrounding DJ Moore. DJ could very well have a nice rookie campaign that fails to make him fantasy relevant.

DJ Moore Fantasy: Personal Take

DJ Moore FantasyDJ Moore’s fantasy value is a tricking this year. To be blunt, there’s a very small chance he’s is on any of my redraft rosters. By the time draft season rolls around his hype will be at an all-time high and chances are he will be going earlier than I’m comfortable with. Give me a proven NFL talent over an unproven rookie any day of the week. Barring injury to another ball catcher on the Panthers I can’t see DJ really separating himself from the low tier fantasy WRs.

Of course, I would take a late round flier on him but he’ll most definitely be gone before then. I love DJ Moore, he was my #1 WR coming out this year and is someone I’m targeting heavily in dynasty leagues and maybe even keeper leagues. We, as fantasy players, have been spoiled as of late with some extraordinary rookie seasons. However, more times than not rookie players, especially WRs, have a hard time adjusting to the NFL. Unfortunately, unless DJ Moore is there in the final few rounds he won’t be seeing my roster.

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Happy Drafting.

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