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Dez Bryant New Team Betting Odds Have Emerged

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant CowboysIt hasn’t been the easiest offseason for wide receiver Dez Bryant. Rumors had circulated that the Dallas Cowboys were planning on cutting the longtime veteran wide receiver due to a bloated salary cap prior to the start of NFL Free agency. However, the team didn’t cut Bryant until April 13th, well after many teams had signed players and used up a large portion of their available salary cap. The Cowboys indecisiveness was not only a bad move in terms of being able to use the money saved from Bryant’s deal to go out and acquire talent, but they discarded Bryant into a market that no longer was looking for wide receivers. Any team that was interested in adding a veteran wide receiver like Jordy Nelson or Michael Crabtree had already checked that box on their things-to-do list and was now on to preparation for the NFL Draft.

Now with the start of NFL Training camp underway, months after being released, Dez Bryant is still looking for a new team.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns have reached out to Dez, GM John Dorsey said the team is considering him, however, this is likely a news story to push Josh Gordon to show up to camp. Byrant is apparently only interested in signing with a team that looks to be making a championship run. Although that may change with limited options as we move forward.

As fans countdown until the start of NFL preseason, some of the best sports betting sites are now offering prop bet odds on where Dez Bryant may sign. The following are those odds as of this morning (7/31/2018):

Dez Bryant New Team Betting Odds

  • Cleveland Browns -150
  • New York Giants +450
  • Tennessee Titans +500
  • Houston Texans +800
  • Washington Redskins +1200
  • Green Bay Packers +1200
  • New England Patriots +1400
  • San Fransisco 49ers +1500
  • New Orleans Saints +3000
  • Atlanta Falcons +3000

My Take:

I know the Browns are the heavy favorite here, thanks to reports that the GM is interested, but I’m not buying it. If Josh Gordon reports to camp the Browns should be fine with depth at the receiver position. Jarvis Landry fantasy owners are happy with their current situation as he should see a high volume of targets. Adding Dez Bryant may just crowd things. Bryant’s personality may also clash with a team that is trying to build for the future.

The Giants and Redskins don’t seem like realistic landing spots being the fact that those fanbases have hated Bryant for years when he was a Cowboy. There is a possibility that Dez could sign with either team out of spite, allowing him to get to play against the Cowboys twice a year remaining in the NFC East, which is likely why these odds exist. But neither team is desperate for a wide receiver in my opinion.

My Picks

Honestly, I think the best landing spots for Dez Bryant would be either the Titans or the Patriots.

Something is up with Titans WR Rishard Matthews. He has had an undisclosed injury for too long. The Titans put together a nice run last season that saw them advance to the second round of the playoffs. If they think they’re ready to compete, Bryant could help Marcus Mariota in the redzone and add leadership to their young receiver group.

The Patriots environment would probably be best for Bryant. It’s strictly business in New England and with the success rate the Patriots have with reaching the Super Bowl, I’m guessing this is a top spot for Dez if he could sign anywhere. MassLive’s Andrew Callahan left WR Jordan Matthews off his 53-man roster prediction and the team will be without the services of Julian Edelman for the first four games of the season. My pick is with the Pats at +1400


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