Derek Carr NFL Draft Stock

Derek Carr NFL Draft

Derek Carr

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Rutgers W 52-51 52 73 456 71.2 5 1
Cal Poly W 41-25 22 31 205 71 3 0
Boise State W 41-40 39 60 460 65 4 0
@Hawaii W 42-37 33 47 324 70.2 2 2
@Idaho W 61-14 37 48 419 77.1 5 1
UNLV W 38-14 33 48 412 68.8 4 0
@San Diego State W 35-28 35 57 298 61.4 2 0
Nevada W 41-23 39 55 487 70.9 3 0
@Wyoming W 48-10 33 46 360 71.7 4 0
New Mexico W 69-28 27 37 522 73 7 0
@San Jose State L 62-52 38 50 519 76 6 1
Utah State W 24-17 36 53 404 67.9 3 2
USC (Bowl) L 45-20 29 54 216 53.7 2 1
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Weber State W 37-10 20 25 298 80 2 0
@Oregon L 42-25 29 47 234 61.7 1 0
Colorado W 69-14 17 22 300 77.3 5 1
@Tulsa L 27-26 26 44 231 59.1 1 0
San Diego State W 52-40 42 55 536 76.4 5 2
@Colorado State W 28-7 25 39 217 64.1 4 0
@Boise State L 20-10 29 43 266 67.4 1 1
Wyoming W 42-14 32 48 268 66.7 3 0
@New Mexico W 49-32 31 44 416 70.5 4 1
Hawaii W 45-10 15 23 304 65.2 4 0
@Nevada W 52-36 17 35 220 48.6 2 0
Air Force W 48-15 28 32 452 87.5 4 0
Southern M (Bowl) L 43-10 33 54 362 61.1 1 2
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@California L 36-21 21 33 150 63.6 1 1
@Nebraska L 42-29 20 41 254 48.8 1 0
North Dakota W 27-22 11 17 235 64.7 2 0
@Idaho W 48-24 24 37 371 64.9 5 2
Ole Miss L 38-28 25 37 281 67.6 1 1
Boise State L 57-7 17 30 126 56.7 0 1
Utah State W 31-21 23 39 248 59 2 0
@Nevada L 45-38 20 37 315 54.1 3 0
Louisiana Tech L 41-21 39 49 290 79.6 3 2
@New Mexico State L 48-45 22 34 391 64.7 3 0
@Hawaii W 24-21 19 29 271 65.5 2 0
San Jose State L 27-24 19 28 276 67.9 1 1
@San Diego State L 35-28 19 35 336 54.3 2 1
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Twelve years ago, then National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced, “With the first pick in the 2002 NFL draft, the Houston Texans select David Carr, quarterback Fresno State.” Twelve years later, the Houston Texans are once again in desperate need of a quarterback. On May 8th they have the number one overall pick and another Carr is available; this time it is David’s little brother, Derek. Carr’s bloodlines have some NFL scouts intrigued, while others are scared away. Carr is usually ranked as the number 4 best quarterback in the draft, but some NFL personnel believes he has a chance to be the top quarterback from this class. While it’s doubtful the Texans will take Carr at number one, there are several teams searching for an answer at the most important position in the game and Derek Carr has a very good chance at being selected in the top 10.

Derek Carr is a 6’2”, 214 lbs, quick footed, athletic quarterback with a cannon for an arm. This offseason, his name is often lost among the likes of Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, but with the combine over and the draft approaching, Carr’s name is climbing up the draft boards. In Carr’s four years at Fresno state (three as a starter), he threw for 12,843 yards, 113 touchdowns and only 23 interceptions. Carr specifically drew a lot of hype during his senior season when he threw for 5,082 yards with 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions, but he cooled off with a sub-par bowl game against USC. Carr showed in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl that when faced with pressure, he panics in the pocket and has a tendency to stare down or over throw receivers. He showed flashes of brilliance that were washed away by inaccurate throws against man coverage that could have led to touchdowns. In Carr’s defense, he took big hit that seemed to cause him significant pain; never the less, it is a cause for concern when a quarterback gets squeamish after taking a hit.

Carr made a wise decision by playing in the Senior Bowl, needing a strong performance to prove to scouts he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback. “I just wanted to come out here and show these teams that I can be their franchise quarterback and that I want to be… it’s kind of like a mission,” said Carr.

NFL Combine Stats 2014

With a nice performance at the Senior Bowl (7-12 for 45 yards and a 17-yard TD pass), Carr showed he was one of the best quarterbacks in his senior class. He showed consistency, athleticism with the ability to find ways to get the ball to his receivers without forcing it. One of the most notable things about Derek Carr during the Senior Bowl was his work ethic. He stayed after practice to work with any receiver that was willing to put in some extra time. Carr came to play and was determined to show that he was a leader and ready to work to get to where he needs to be.

Carr didn’t throw at the NFL combine, but he did show impressive athleticism in speed drills, often coming in second to Manziel. Carr left the combine impressing many scouts, while boosting his draft stock. While only a few weeks ago, it was thought Derek Carr could slip out of the first round. After an impressive combine, word is Cleveland and Oakland love him and he could go as high as number 4.

Fantasy Breakdown

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What does this mean for fantasy football owners? No one ever really knows how a rookie quarterback is going to impact a team. From a fantasy stand point, fans shouldn’t expect too much. Carr doesn’t add value from a rushing touchdown standpoint, but he doesn’t turn the ball over much either. However, one interesting scenario suggests that Cleveland takes Sammy Watkins at number 4 and Derek Carr at Number 26. Josh Gordon had a monster fantasy season last year, posting 87 receptions for 1,646 yards and 9 touchdowns and that was with Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell throwing to him. Could you imagine the numbers Gordon could post teamed-up with Watkins and Carr? Or how about the numbers Carr could post if teamed-up with Gordon and Watkins? Or the numbers Watkins could post teamed up with Gordon and Carr? Not to mention, Cleveland just got new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Carr could end up being a great sneaky fantasy pick.

Most mocks have Carr going to the Vikings at number 8. While the Vikings do have Adrian Peterson, they also have solid receiving talent with Cordarrelle Patterson, Greg Jennings and Kyle Rudolph. With the addition of Norv Turner, Derek Carr could flourish in Minnesota. Carr’s fantasy impact may not be as dominate as it would in Cleveland, as the Vikings are a run first team, but they are looking to become more balanced and Carr could be just the guy.

Bottom line, you never know what you’re truly going to get with a rookie quarterback. Carr’s fantasy value is going to be dependent on which team nabs him and if he can manage his fight or flight response. With the right coaching, a decent group of receivers and consistency in the pocket, Carr’s arm can make him fantasy relevant.

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  • Good article Heather. I didn’t know much about derrick carr but as a Vikings fan I am now intrigued. What an arm! No ponder in that kid. Hopefully he has a good head on his shoulders unlike josh Freeman. Ha

  • I hope the viking do take a qb in the first round. Whether it is manziel Carr bortles or Bridgewater. They are desperate for a spark to get back into the playoff picture. Curious to see if Spielman will look for a diamond in the rough in the later rounds or take a qb in the first.