Deep Dive: Dynasty Football Advice Week 15

Deep Dive: Dynasty Football Advice Week 15 2

Dynasty Football Advice: Week 15

If you are still in the playoffs then you are focusing on the next 2-3 weeks and any pickups you make are more than likely short term help. Fantasy GMs who didn’t make the playoffs or lost in the first round are shifting their eyes toward the future and seeing who can help their team next year. Smart dynasty GMs are always looking toward the future and taking shots on the types of bets that have long term potential, no matter what time of year it is. There are always some late-season drops that need to be scooped up or players who slip through the cracks.

Deon Cain

Wide Receiver

Cain has yet to fulfill his potential since he was drafted. First, he had a knee injury that made him miss his rookie year. Then he got stuck trying to make a comeback behind a bunch of young, healthy receivers who are starting to prove themselves making it all the harder for him to catch the coach’s eye. Then to make matters worse, Andrew Luck retires and Indianapolis is looking like it is transitioning to more of a run-first team. Being a wide receiver out of the top 3 at your position on a team that is calling more run plays than pass plays doesn’t give you a good fantasy outlook. It doesn’t even give Cain an average fantasy outlook. Then Cain was claimed by a team ravaged by injuries, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh is looking to fill the void of Antonio Brown leaving and Ju Ju Smith-Schuester’s fall back to earth. Cain won’t be one of the top options but you can make the case that if he returns to form he can be a key cog in the Pittsburgh offense in the years to come.

Ted Ginn Jr

Wide Receiver

Deep Dive: Dynasty Football Advice Week 15 3Ginn is a player I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with over the past couple of years. I’ve dropped him when I needed the roster space since he wasn’t one of my top producers. Later I would pick him up again to fill in for injuries or when Ginn started up a hot streak. Playing in New Orleans offense with offensive guru Sean Payton and All-Star quarterback Drew Brees means he has an opportunity to pick up WR3/WR4 stats any given week as he is still the second wide receiver on the team. He isn’t going to regularly, but if you are in a pinch he is startable or you can flex him during a bye week and feel comfortable. If he is rostered in your league put him on your watch list in case he becomes available. He might even be able to help you finish out your playoffs this year. There is also the wild card of him being a free agent in 2020 so maybe he catches on with another team and gets some more consistent production.

Tyler Higbee

Tight End

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay uses his tight ends differently compared to most other teams. Sometimes they line up at the end of the offensive line, sometimes they line up in the out in the slot to create mismatches with a slower linebacker or a smaller defensive back. Higbee has come onto most people who play dynasty football because since Gerald Everett went down with injuries, he has posted back to back 100-yard games. It never hurts to look at your list of available free agents. I thought for sure he would’ve been gone in all of my leagues, but when I checked the list of players he was available in three different leagues. I was aggressive with the amount of FAAB I had left and I was able to snag him in all three. Higbee has also shown that he is a capable blocker the past few weeks as more than one of his blocks helped to spring Todd Gurley for big gains and even a touchdown. Higbee isn’t a TE1 but he has proven that he should be allowed to split time with Everett if he returns this year. Higbee is a free agent in 2020 and he would probably be smart to resign with Los Angeles because he fits into McVay’s offensive scheme. If he doesn’t resign with the Rams it could be because these last few weeks of the 2019 season is like an audition for the rest of the NFL teams in need of a tight end who can play multiple positions and be on the field on all 3 downs.

Patrick Laird

Running Back

Patrick Laird is another late-season option that is getting an opportunity because of injuries and apart from his team trying to figure out what it has heading into the offseason. At this point, you might be late to the party if you are looking for Laird on the waiver wire now, but you never know until you try. In Larid you are getting a lottery ticket because he might hit for the next 2-3 weeks and never be heard from again with respect to fantasy production. On the other hand, Laird might also be one of those weird cases where a guy gets an opportunity with nothing to lose and makes a splash for the next several years. Whether we are talking short term or long term Laird will be more successful in PPR leagues just as his production in the NFL has been dependent on catching balls out of the backfield. In week 14, Laird ran 27 pass routes which put him in the top 10 for running backs. If the Dolphins keep using him so much in the passing game as a running back it helps stabilize his floor from a production standpoint. With games against the Jets, Bengals & Patriots he plays against a favorable schedule in two of the three games. That should be enough to show how he handles the weekly toll that the NFL exerts on a player’s body. With the new coaching staff seeming to show a semblance of what they are doing, the roster is going to be fluid in terms of who stays and who is free to go. The better Laird plays to close out the season the better the chance he has at solidifying a roster spot. Snag him off of waivers now. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.


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