Deep Dive: Dynasty Advice Week 9

Dynasty Advice: Week 9

Dynasty Football AdviceAs I said last week, by this time of the year, dynasty team owners should have come to grips with the idea of what type of team they currently have and what they need to do with that team moving forward. As a dynasty owner, you want to be in the top third of the league so you can compete for a championship. Sometimes you are forced to be in a rebuild mode at the bottom third of the league, acquiring youth and draft picks so you can prepare yourself to make a run 3-5 years down the line. Where you don’t want to be is in the middle third of the league because that means you are not doing either of the other two options and you are giving away your league dues without the hope of winning a championship this year or five years from now. Some of the following players are guys who just might give you the chance to climb out of the bottom third and make your way to the top

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Dawson Knox

Tight End

The thing that makes Knox noticeable is that as Buffalo sorts out its offense the lack of depth at the tight end position means that he will get his chances to learn on the job this year. We will get to see what he can do in his rookie year and hopefully get a glimpse of his potential. Back in August people were saying that Knox had a chance to start but the usual minor soft tissue injuries that plague rookies hit him as well. Taking time to heal up cost him reps that would’ve helped him strengthen his position as the top tight end for the Bills. He has had more weeks of zero to minimal production than being in the top 24 at his position. So if you are picking up Knox you are doing it with an eye toward the future because he is a streaming option for bye weeks or superior weekly matchups. What you will have to decide is if he is a talented prospect that needs time to hone his skills or if he is someone who doesn’t have what it takes. I am more on the hopeful side of that argument. He was competing for targets on the same field with A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf so he wasn’t a top option in the passing game. In my mind, that means he is still developing his game. I think he might eventually be a TE2 who can produce even though he doesn’t get a high amount of targets. Already this season he has produced by finding the end zone even though he only has 3-4 targets on average.

Darius Slayton

Wide Receiver

Slayton has several traits that check off some boxes and make him appealing. He runs a 4.39 forty time, his vertical jump at the combine was 40.5 inches and he averaged 20.3 yards per reception while playing at Auburn. Slayton is also making some plays on Sundays even if it’s not on a consistent basis. He has shown he can beat NFL corners if he runs the play right and the defense gives him too much space. For this year, the Giants offense is in a transition since they decided it was time for the first-round pick Daniel Jones to learn on the job. He might have an advantage because while Eli Manning was starting Slayton was catching passes from Jones on the second squad. The familiarity and that Slayton has with Jones shows as he catches the ball in stride and can get a couple of extra yards after the catch. Injuries and suspensions to the Giants wide receivers have forced Slayton into early action this season. Looking into the future, with Saquon Barkley at running back and Jones at quarterback, the offense is trending up from a fantasy football perspective. Slayton is probably the WR4 if everyone else is healthy, but he is showcasing his skills already this year and is flashing some big production. He is somewhat inconsistent as of yet, so a fantasy GM doesn’t know when the production will occur on a week to week basis. Rest assured you can predict he will be more consistent and produce more in the future so grab him now before people watching for Saquon Barkley highlights notice Slayton as a wide receiver who is worth owning.

Zach Pascal

Wide Receiver

Zach PascalIndianapolis has had a hard go of it this season not knowing who is going to produce and when and where it will happen. Start listing Colt wide receivers and the name Zach Pascal probably won’t make the top five for most people, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be known at all. He is a 6’2″ 214 lb undrafted wide receiver out of Old Dominion and he is getting the attention of Jacoby Brissett after he took over for Andrew Luck. Again, like with Slayton, injuries are determining Pascal’s playing time more than he is earning it but points are points in fantasy football. Pascal has made the most of his time on the field catching 14 of his 21 targets and racking up 245 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. When you look at his game log you see sporadic production but two of the five games he has caught a pass he has scored touchdowns and he has gone over 50 yards receiving in three games. You have to play him the right week to benefit and bench him the right week to avoid the zero, but Pascal can help you and the Colts beat opponents this season. The issue is I don’t see it as sustainable production for the future, but he is someone I would recommend making a bid for in your leagues this year so you can benefit in the short term. He is even someone I would check the value on in DFS because of how Indianapolis has made him a bigger part of the game plan lately. He might put you over the top for the win or be the reason you fall behind early but every player is a gamble to some degree, your job is to assess the risk and make the right call. Zach Pascal is going to have a couple more weeks where he flashes WR2/WR3 type numbers. The choice is yours.

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