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Auden Tate

Dynasty Football Advice

Dynasty Football AdviceAt this time of the year, dynasty team owners have decided whether they are moving all in or moving onto next year. GMs are looking to be buyers and go for the championship or they are looking to be sellers and possibly shedding talent in exchange for youth and draft picks. It’s hard to admit that you need to start rebuilding your team. There are a couple of players that I have noticed who are available on waivers and shouldn’t be. Players are dropped for many reasons to help make room on the roster and if you catch them before anyone else you can swoop in and pick up a future starter if the cards fall right. I picked up Chris Carson off of waivers in his rookie year after one breakout game and now I have an RB1 that I didn’t have to trade for. If these guys are not available in any of your leagues make sure to check for anyone who could help you going forward.

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Mark Walton

Running Back

Mark Walton was drafted by Cincinnati and never really had a shot to get many carries behind guys with a higher draft status or a bigger contract. To make matters worse he had numerous run-ins with the law over the summer so he and the Bengals parted ways. He went to his hometown team and tried to get a fresh start by earning a spot on the 53 man roster. Without much production in Cincinnati and the multiple legal incidents, a fair number of dynasty GMs decided to move on and use the roster spot on a more dependable or promising talent. If you stuck with him for whatever reason I commend you for it, but he is currently out there in leagues but you need to start looking now to benefit. He got a fair chunk of work in week 7 against the Bills and with rumors flying that fellow Dolphin’s running back Kenyan Drake is being shopped around before the trade deadline it makes for a better than average chance that he won’t be lasting on waivers for too long. On the field, Walton is proving to be more reliable on his touches than his backfield brethren so he is slowly getting rewarded by with more carries and more looks through the air on short routes. He was always good at catching balls out of the backfield back through college so as long as they keep calling his number on passing downs as well as running downs his total number of touches will stay in the double digits. In dynasty leagues, he may still only have value coming off the bench but he is competing with players who are ineffective producing on their shared touches. Look to pick him up and be patient and you might be rewarded with a solid passing down back in the future.

Auden Tate

Wide Receiver

With Cincinnati going through a coaching staff change and having franchise player A.J. Green go down for most of the season with a major injury, many dynasty GM’s aren’t trying to look at the Bengal depth chart for players to grab. Tate isn’t a castoff like Walton was but he is more of an afterthought because his production isn’t much more than a streaming wide receiver option. The thing is, lately he has been outplaying starting wide receiver John Ross who is supposed to be showing what he can do with Green sidelined. Tate is only capitalizing on about half of his targets but new head coach Zac Taylor has to be drooling over the possibilities of designing plays for the 6′ 5″ 225 lb wide receiver as he lines up across from the other teams second or third defensive back. Tate isn’t as polished as he needs to be but he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2018 draft so he is still learning how to use his bigger frame against NFL players. People that lost faith in the Bengals offense early in the season and stopped watching how the game stats played out int he box scores have not noticed that Green’s injury has allowed some of the depth players to develop their skills. The Bengals record won’t be good this year but the good news is your team’s future win-loss record can benefit from picking up Tate now and showing patience with him. As coach Zac Taylor makes the team in his image he would be wise to use Tate often because there are many ways for a large wide receiver to have success on Sundays.

Maxx Williams

Tight End

Williams is another castoff that was a highly drafted player whose production just didn’t match up to his draft stock. Baltimore drafted him in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft out of the University of Minnesota. His production wasn’t helped by the fact that major players in the Raven’s offense struggled or faced injuries that affected the team’s success. Then there was a transition of the offense from a run-oriented offense that used multiple tight end sets, 12 and 13 personnel packages, to an offense that stretches the field with faster players and an athletic quarterback. Williams didn’t fit with the team anymore and he found himself on the wrong side of the roster cut down bubble. He is now with Arizona and has had a small contribution to each game. The thing that makes it peculiar and that makes dynasty GM’s hesitate to put in a claim on him is that he is in new coach Kliff Kingsbury’s air raid offense that he brought with him from Texas Tech. The Texas Tech offense has never been known to firmly establish the tight end position in the game plan for Saturdays. Even when they use athletically quick, shifty tight ends they are usually overshadowed in the box score by three or four wide receivers and possibly a running back. It’s not that Kingsbury can’t find a way to use Maxx Williams, it’s that there isn’t a designed role for a 6′ 4″ 255 lb tight end in the Arizona offense. Over time, Kingsbury might determine to keep his offense and his job in the NFL, he will have to create mismatches as well as use speed and that is where Williams’s traits transfer to success. If Kingsbury isn’t around long enough to see the tight end position take a role in his offense, make sure you wait long enough to see if Williams is on his way out of the NFL or if he just needed a change in scenery. He might even need to regain his confidence and figure out how to be effective in this new system. His value might be three years from now on a different team. If that is the case, make sure he’s also on your team so you can watch him dominate and reap the rewards of hanging onto him.


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