Deep Dive: Dynasty Advice Week 7

Deep Dive: Dynasty Advice Week 7 5

Dynasty Football Advice

Some players are starting to have moments where they show why they were drafted, but to be able to predict that 5 catch 110-yard game amongst another six games where they have 3 targets isn’t something any GM can do successfully. That’s like playing Russian roulette with your fantasy lineup. The strategy we are talking about here is projecting who is going to hit 2-3 years from now when an opportunity presents itself. Here is another list of players that have a shot to be lottery tickets to cash in on.

Javon Wims

Wide Receiver

Wims caught my attention his last year at the University of Georgia grinding out tough yards and collecting some catches that were all over the internet the next day. He was a top JUCO transfer when he signed with Georgia in 2016 and started to contribute on a game by game basis. In 2017 as a senior, he led the team with 45 receptions for 720 yards and 7 touchdowns. Looking at the numbers it doesn’t seem like much but do you remember the team’s identity in their SEC championship season? Let me refresh your memory, running the ball with Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Elijah Holyfield, and D’andre Swift. They just didn’t pass the ball much. Wims is figuring out how to use his 6′ 3″ 215 lb in the NFL now as players in front of him nurse injuries and give him more snaps on game day. I also like him gaining experience in Matt Nagy’s versatile offense. He does need more work on his routes and he needs to get better at releasing off the line of scrimmage when people play press coverage on him. The good news is he has time to learn these things and these things are teachable traits. I’m picking him up because he has a chance to stick in and up and coming offense and I recommend you find space for him on the end of your roster. Even if you have to trade something for him.

Byron Pingle

Wide Receiver

Byron Pringle was a guy I had on my dynasty teams and had to let go to pick up a player based on injuries. I am now looking to pick him back up if he is still available in my leagues. He is a player right now that lives in the same space as Javon Wims, ironically in the same type of offense since Matt Nagy is an Andy Reid disciple. There are going to be 1-2 games that make dynasty GMs want to use their FAAB money to pick up Pingle. While I am writing this saying you should consider it, you shouldn’t expect him to help your team with any consistent production for a couple of years and there will probably have to be an injury above him on the wide receiver depth chart. Pingle is not Tyreek Hill or Sammy Watkins, but he helps move the chains while they are out with injuries. A wide receiver coming out of college with a 4.46 forty-time and a sub 7 second three-cone drill time has my attention. He’s not a finished product but he plays physical at the line of scrimmage and can create separation from defensive backs down the field. Many teams could use a player like that and the Chiefs have the luxury of waiting for him to solidify his game. He has shown flashes when he has gotten more snaps, but no one is mistaking the fact that he is going back to the bench when the starters and back and healthy again. Put him on your bench and hang onto him until he proves he shouldn’t be rostered.

Brandon Bolden

Running Back

Now we come to a veteran who might not be a guy to pick up and save for the future, but a player who can sit at the end of your bench and help you during a bye week as a long shot flex. Look at the blowout game against Washington in week five that allowed Bolden to get his number called over and over again. Washington couldn’t stop the bleeding as New England gashed them over and over again. The Patriots are one of the backfields in the NFL that I try to stay away from, but Bill Belichick has his favorites that fit a role that he likes to play in specific situations against certain defenses. He has 3 touchdowns in 6 games this year and while he doesn’t usually rack up many yards, he can give you flex production when he is forced into action. He probably will be replaced by a younger player that fills the same role for Belichick’s offense, but you can benefit from it in the short term. I was shocked to find him available in two of my dynasty leagues with deep rosters.

Braxton Barrios

Wide Receiver

At only 5′ 9″ and 190 lbs Barrios is destined for time in the slot and probably has to contribute on special teams somewhere to stick on a roster. He had a so-so preseason for New England so they waived him and the New York Jets were quick to scoop him up. It sometimes happens that a division rival picks up a player to learn whatever they can about the opposing team’s signals or offensive verbiage and then they drop him a week or two later. In this case, however, Barrios has stuck on the Jets roster while they remain in a holding pattern waiting for Sam Darnold to recover from an extended injury. I think that Darnold is ready to take the Jets a big step toward being more respectable. They aren’t winning the AFC East because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick still have a stranglehold on the division, but I feel the team is setting players into the proper places to start succeeding. One 0f the biggest things that help out a quarterback who is going to struggle from time to time against the pass rush or an aggressive defense is a quick passing option. That usually comes from a slot receiver running a quick route that a quarterback can hit in 3 seconds on a quick three-step drop. I know that the Jets have Jamison Crowder but Berrios is an interchangeable part that could be placed in the slot when an injury happens to Crowder. Whether you need to grab him right now is debatable, but add him to your watch list so you can act quickly when you need to.

Jeremy Sprinkle

Tight End

At the time Washington drafted Sprinkle out of Arkansas he was looked at as a player that they could put on the field at the same time as Jordan Reed or at the very least be insurance for when (not if) Reed gets injured again. Veteran Vernon Davis is also on the roster but is in the twilight of his career as well. One thing that stands out to me is that Sprinkle kept increasing his production each year he played in college. Another thing that keeps me looking at Sprinkle as a wavier wire option is he is a tight end that doesn’t have to leave the field. His measurables are good but the best thing is he’s an athletic tight end who is a better than average blocker that can safely add more weight to his frame. Like most rookies, he needs time to develop against NFL competition so he can get used to the speed of the game and increase his upper body strength. At this point of the season, it is looking like Reed and Davis are already destined to miss playing time. Make the move to get Sprinkle before he is forced into action and becomes mentioned more and more as a must-add in waiver wire listings before the end of 2019. Here is another option that is worth trading for if he isn’t available on the waiver wire. You don’t need to overpay for him but getting him for assets you can afford to part with is a viable option.

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