Deep Dive: Dynasty Advice Week 6

Dynasty Football Advice

Here we are again looking at players that are going to help you down the road. Some are from an NFL team pulling the trigger on a coaching change. Some are from the natural progression of aging payers and the depth chart players that replace them. Looking at the team they are on, which direction is it going in? How soon will they take that step and commit to a roster shuffle? Or maybe just needing to use the player so they understand what they can do versus what the teams needs him to do. If those two items don’t match up, then maybe its time to move on. Even then fantasy GMs need to keep one eye open because sometimes all it takes is for them to catch on with another team in another scheme and make a name for themselves. That other team might be your dynasty team if you make the right moves.

Kelvin Harmon

Wide Receiver

Harmon wasn’t able to show top-flight talent at N.C. State so the question is what is he? Is he what people hoped he would be or has he hit his ceiling already. People who saw him at the combine are likely to think that he has shown us his greatest potential because the numbers he put up (4.60 second forty, 32.5″ vertical jump and a 7.15 three-cone drill) were not what one would expect from a top-level wide receiver prospect. When I look at wide receivers I like to look at route running, hands, speed and how he looks going into and coming out of his breaks. Harmon might not be the best route runner but he can be taught to refine his route running. He is fluid in his transitioning into and out of his cuts so he doesn’t lose the speed, which is important when you don’t have elite speed. That is where being sure-handed and being able to adjust to balls thrown above or behind him is key. Harmon also does well fighting for contested balls which makes him a valuable option getting those tough yards needed on 3rd and 6. He has caught all of his targets this season in spot duty during blowouts having 5 catches for 49 yards. Nothing to write home about or even take notice of yet, but what we all can see right now is that the Washington Redskins team is in a transition state after firing their head coach Jay Gruden. What that means is that players and coaches are all interviewing for their jobs with Washington, possibly elsewhere in the NFL. That means whoever the new head coach ends up being will have to assess who fits what he wants to do with the offense going forward. If Harmon keeps catching his share of targets over the rest of the season he makes himself an asset. Every NFL team should want a sure-handed wide receiver who can adjust to poorly thrown balls. This one happens to need more seasoning to show us what else he can do. That means you have time to make your decision on picking him up or not. Keep an eye on what he does with his targets so that you know which way to go with him in your waiver wire rankings.


Montez Sweat

Defensive End

From the Washington offense to the Washington defense for another potential pickup. Coaching change aside, a talent like Montez Sweat is hard not to notice. A 6′ 6″ guy who weighs 262 lbs and runs a 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds is someone any coach should find a spot for on his team. The only reason he fell in the draft was due to a medical red flag due to an enlarged heart. Looking at his speed-measurables combination it’s easy to think pass rusher, but Sweat also plays the run very well. Last year, PFF College rated him as the best run-stopping percentage for any edge player in the SEC. In leagues that use IDPs, he should be looked at if he is on waivers because of his potential to get sacks, created turnovers and rack up tackles for years to come. They expected him to play a lot this year and after nursing some minor bumps and bruises in August, he has been an active part of the stat sheet. Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone had to drop him because they needed production from a linebacker. Pick him up and stash him. He might even be able to help you this year already because of all of the time the Redskins defense will be on the field during the game. As their offensive drives stall out and the defense takes the field you get more of a chance at points for your IDPs. Trade for him if you have to, but just don’t let the opportunity to grab a freak athlete pass you by. If NFL teams physicians gave him the medical clearance then that’s good enough for me.

Chad Beebe

Wide Receiver

Being on the field and getting targets is the best way for wide receivers to have fantasy relevance. Before the season, people were looking a Beebe and bringing up the fact that teammate Adam Thielen had a similar route to the NFL. An undrafted free agent signing out of Minnesota State-Mankato, Thielen showed coaches he belonged on the field and the more he earned the coach’s trust, the more targets he earned. Like I said before, those two things are what make a wide receiver fantasy relevant. So the blueprint is laid out for Beebe as to what he needs to do. He came out of Northern Illinois as an undrafted free agent and made an NFL team after training camps and the preseason were done. Then he had to work on getting on the field for meaningful targets, but he faces several issues with that next step. He has Thielen and Stefon Diggs ahead of him on the depth chart. Combine that with the offense leaning on Dalvin Cook and the run game early this season and it means even fewer targets and playing time for Beebe. Cook siphons off targets from the passing game too, more bad news. Beebe currently is injured but before that, he had 2 catches in 2 games, one for nine yards and one for sixty-one yards. That on top of making the roster means the coaches see something in him that they value and think is useful to the team. Beebe isn’t in danger of cracking the roster for major contributions this year, but the situation is made more interesting by the current rumor that Diggs was unhappy with his role in the offense. Probably more rumors at this point of the season but another piece to the puzzle. All these things together, it means a couple of the possible future outcomes have Beebe on an NFL roster contributing as a consistent fantasy producer.

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