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Daily Roto Review: Premium Daily Fantasy Tools That Make Millionaires

DailyRoto Review

DailyRoto is a premium daily fantasy sports website that has a number of helpful tools and that will essentially do the heavy lifting for you when building a lineup for DraftKings or Fanduel. Made up of a handful of expert daily fantasy players with a track record of success, Daily Roto gives you the edge you need to win each and every week.

Unlike most review articles where you’ll get a detailed overview of what is included in a membership, I’m going to take a different approach and show you how I personally use DailyRoto’s tools each and every week. I’m going to walk you through the process of one of the ways I like to make my lineups.

But first, let’s talk more about the people behind the site.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of these names atop DFS leaderboards on whichever sites you play on, like “dinkpiece” (Drew Dinkmeyer) who has shipped the Milly Maker on DK, or “dfsteams” (Colin Drew), or “2Hats1Mike” (Mike Leone). These are prolific DFS sharks in the industry. The old adage “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” is the route I took and let me say I am very impressed with the product I got by doing so. The content is amazing, and the tools are user-friendly and cut down on the time I spend doing this type of data tracking and research on my own, freeing up more time to analyze the slate I’m playing. The following is a quick preview of the memberships and then my thoughts and strategy on how to use these awesome tools.

Daily RotoQuick Membership & Tool Preview

  • Elite Monthly Pass: $59.99
  • NFL Season Package: $129

Promo Code:gridironexperts” to save 10%

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  • Premium fantasy content for all sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, GOLF, NHL)
  • Premium Lineup Optimizer for FanDuel and DraftKings (NFL, NBA, MLB, GOLF)
  • Access to Betting Tools, Player Props and More
  • Customizable Fantasy Projections and Rankings for FanDuel and DraftKings
  • Professional Commentary via Premium Podcast
  • Written Fantasy Content and Slate Breakdowns
  • FanDuel and DraftKings Ownership Projections (NFL Only)
  • DFS Strategy Guides, Research Tools and Lineup Alerts

Tools & Data

  • Lineup Optimizer – This is one of the best reasons to become a member at Daily Roto. Not only are their projections excellent, but they allow for you to tweak the numbers and build custom lineups shown in the tutorial video
  • Range out Outcomes – Using Vegas lines to see how sportsbooks see the games
  • Redzone Data – A very overlooked aspect of building DFS lineups
  • Targets The staple for any DFS research. Data usually gets updated every Tuesday
  • Carries – Similar to targets but not as commonly accessible
  • Snap Counts – Perfect for finding gems
  • Defense Data – Defensive points allowed/scored per game
  • Much More…


As a way to demonstrate the quality of content that Daily Roto has to offer, I am going to walk you through part of my weekly process using their incredible features and tools.

On the NFL tab drop-down menu there is a wealth of info I use when researching and writing my weekly article for Gridiron Experts. One of the first things I like to do is check out who’s getting the most time on the field by looking at the SNAP COUNTS tool.

The snap counts tool allows you to see who is getting increased snaps and identify who can be an emerging player you can get into your line-ups before the rest of the field. So, let’s say I want to know whether Ryan Switzer is a good punt play this week. First, I’ll check the snap counts tool to see if he is getting more playing time. The tool will initially open to all FLEX players from all teams, but you can refine that down to team and position using the drop menus.

Daily Roto Review

Now that I have the just the Steelers snap counts in front of me, I’m looking at snap counts across each week. Aside from a dip in week three, it appears the Steelers are increasing Switzer’s workload as we see a 33% snap rate in week 4. We also see a steady decline in James Connor’s snap rate. We’ve also seen a decrease in Conner’s fantasy point production every week since his big game in week 1 (an overtime game that went the full five quarters). From the SNAP COUNTS tool, we can also see Switzer is getting both targets and carries.

This is a signal to me that Switzer may be taking work away from Conner. The Steelers are lining Switzer up in the backfield on some snaps, and from the CARRIES tool, we can see he has nine carries on the season now.

Daily Roto reivew

Let’s take a look at the TARGETS tool and see how Switzer’s targets look. As we can see, his targets have increased every week culminating in a career-high 7 targets in week 4. He still has less targets than James Conner, but he has risen to the 5th option in a highly prolific passing game.


Let’s take a look at the RED ZONE tool to see if he is getting any valuable RED ZONE targets. Looks like he only has one, in week 3.

Red Zone

From the RANGE OF OUTCOMES tab, I can see what the experts at Daily Roto project for his range and his actual projection they will use on their LINEUP OPTIMIZER tool. You can use the search feature in the upper right corner to get right to Switzer. Looks like his floor is 0 and his ceiling is 18, with an actual projection of 4.6.

Range of outcomes

If I feel strong enough about Switzer this week, I can alter that projection on the LINEUP OPTIMIZER tool. (By the way, be sure to run this tool for the site and slate you are playing.) So, I’ll use the search feature again to get Switzer to come up right away, and from there I can adjust some of the statistical fields to match my own projections.


The staff at Daily Roto has Switzer with 3% of the carries and 6% of the targets. Let’s say I think Switzer will be used more than this; perhaps he gets 18% of the targets this week against the Falcons soft middle, where we like to attack with RBs. And, let’s say I think his receiving TD share could be 18% as well. Then, I bump his reception percentage up from 67% to 75%. Boom, he just went from a 4.6 point projection to a 14.2 point projection.


Now when I run the Lineup Optimizer, it will return the desired amount of Line Ups with Switzer at this projection. In fact, let’s say I’m so sure of Switzer catching a few passes and a TD this week, I want to lock him in and build all my Line Ups around him. I can do that by upping my exposure level to him to 100%.

If I want at least 5 Line Ups with Switzer, then I’ll adjust the bottom of the optimizer to 5 and click on “RUN OPTIMIZER“.


There we go! Now I have 5 Line Ups built around my punt play of the week. I can either use the one I like best or keep as many as I want and download them to CSV. I can do this process over and over with as many players I want to guarantee a line-up with and build a full CSV of rosters this way.


For a great tutorial on how to use the Daily Roto LINEUP OPTIMIZER, watch the video at the top of the article. There are so many awesome features and tweaks you can do with this thing.

Additional research features that are definitely worth checking out here are the DEFENSE tab, where you can see the points allowed to each position by all 32 defenses in the league. You can check out every team’s play calling from a run/pass percentage not only for the season average to date but also for the weekly ratios using the PLAYCALLING tab. There are several other tools and features to fiddle around with and they have written content to help augment some of your research by reading their staff’s opinions for the week. The best part is, you can do this for all sports. I’m also a big fan of playing NHL DFS, and I know how good Drewby and Max Ernst are by competing against them every night.

After getting a few weeks of tinkering around on Daily Roto, I am blown away by the content, and it is an essential piece of my research. Now that NHL season has started, I have two sports to come to them for, and I’m looking forward to Daily Roto’s upcoming written content and tinkering more with the optimizer for NFL and NHL for the next few months. Really impressive site they’ve got going.

Try Daily Roto for a month and see if it improves your DFS game. Don’t forget to use PROMO CODE “gridironexperts” and save 10%

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Thanks for Reading & Good Luck

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