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D.J Williams Tweets Plays From Playbook

Broncos Playbook

Broncos PlaybookStrategy is the name of the game. Without complex NFL playbooks the league would be painful to watch. The offensive side of the ball takes great pride in moving the chains with timing patterns and precision. Same can be said for the defense, as keeping points of the score board wins championships. So when D.J Williams of the Denver Broncos tweets a picture of 6 new defensive plays to world, many have to wonder.. Why?

“Coach just told me I have to learn a new position over the weeknd,, we have IPads as playbooks now, but I’m old skool I’m using flash cards & a #2 pencil.” Willaims tweeted

As a football fan I’m a little embarrassed for Williams. Many teammates are going to very annoyed with the three year pro, while the coached who designed these plays has probably already torn that page out of the playbook, and shredded it.

The ignorance of Williams to not think that a division competitor would not dissect these plays is ridicules. Half the coaches in the league don’t even like calling a play during a game without having their hand or play sheet covering their mouths. So to showoff the actual blueprint of a defensive scheme is just down right stupid.

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