CJ2K Fantasy Stock: Buy Low

Chris Johnson Stats

Game 2008 2009 2010 2011 Average
1 93 57 142 9 75.25
2 109 197 34 53 98.25
3 74 97 125 21 79.25
4 61 83 53 101 74.5
5 44 34 131 51 65
6 168 128 111 18 106.25
7 77 228 66 34 101.25
8 89 135 59 64 86.75
9 8 132 117 130 96.75
10 64 151 130 13 89.5
11 46 154 5 190 98.75
12 125 113 53 153 111
13 136 117 111 23 96.75
14 65 104 130 55 88.5
15 69 142 58 56 81.25
16 0 134 39 61 58.5
Total 1,228 2,006 1,364 1,047 1411.25
Gm’s with less than 2 2 7 10 1
60 Yards

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Chris Johnson Fantasy Report

CJ2K, or in 2012, CJ.2K has been a huge disappointment for owners thus far. Time to scrap him right? Well that’s what you want whoever owns him to think. Chris Johnson has been one of the best RB’s since 2008, but most of his hype comes from his 2009 season, when he had over 2,000 rushing yards. He has not come anywhere close to that since, but has he really been a disappointment?

The sort answer: Yes.

The long answer is that Chris Johnson is only a disappointment because people expected too much. I had him as a late second-round RB early third-round guy. Right around your Demarco Murray’s of the world. In reality, all his expectations are based on 2009, which was the aberration, not the rest of his career. He has had right around 1,100-1,300 yards EVERY year of his career except for his 2009 huge season. Even last year when he started extremely slowly due to missing camp because of a holdout situation. He had 10 games fewer than 60 yards, but still finished over 1,000 yards for the year. Logic tells us he finishes around the same numbers again. How has he been so bad this year then?

His biggest problem is his QB. Jake Locker has not been the confident and effective QB that is needed to keep a good running game going. The Titans end up behind early and often. They have been pretty ineffective passing the ball though as well. Teams can stay in base coverage to keep Johnson in check, but still limiting the wideout’s production. The Titans are going to have to rely on CJ though if they want to ever win a game. Johnson makes way too much cash to be averaging 10 yards per game. Instead, this is a great opportunity to buy low.

Opponent Pts Allowed vs RB
Patriots 6
 @ Chargers 8
Lions 13.5
 @ Texans 16
 @ Vikings 8
Steelers 10
 @ Bills 17
Colts 22
Bears 12
 @ Dolphins 19.5
 @ Jaguars 32.5
Texans 16
 @ Colts 22
Jets 18.5
 @ Packers 17
Jaguars 32.5

Chris Johnson has a few tough matchups in the next few weeks, but come fantasy playoff time, the man will be facing some of the weakest teams against RBs. In fantasy terms anyway. He was probably a first-round pick in your league, so to get him; you will have to offer something decent. Don’t insult the owner for god’s sake, but don’t sell the farm either. Maybe a Darren Sproles type would do the trick or another fourth – fifth round guy that has performed admirably. Package it with a flex guy and you could have a top-10 running back to add to your team!If you look at the graph, Johnson has played against 2 of the best-run defenses in his first two games. Part of the reason those DST’s are so good against the run is they have played against Tennessee, which has been a horrid running team so far. The most recent opportunity came against the Chargers. If you look at San Diego’s effort against the Raider’s though, they stiffed another top-tier back in Darren McFadden. The Titan’s other opponent, New England, also did a great job against Arizona’s rushing attack, but no one would confuse Beenie Wells and Ryan Williams with Johnson.

If Chris Johnson does end up being CJ.2k however, you have my permission to hurl tomatoes at my avatar. But if he is more like CJ1.3k, I accept gratitude in the forms of gift cards, cash, and check!

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