24 Jul 2017

NFL Receiving Yards Leader Odds for 2017

NFL Receiving Yards Leader Odds Remember stranger things have happened. Josh Gordon led the NFL in receiving yards while on the Cleveland Browns back in 2013. That may not be that weird, considering what an amazing talent Gordon is, but how about Brandon Lloyd leading the NFL in yards in

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17 Jun 2017

NFL Division Championship Odds 2017

NFL Division Odds 2017 NFC ODDS The NFC could be where we see the most change throughout the NFL in terms of division champs. The NFC East is always a crap shoot as it has arguably some of the best rivalries in the league. There is also the NFC South

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17 Mar 2017

NFL Free Agency Wide Reciever Prop Bet Goals

As I have mentioned a few times here at Gridiron Experts, sportsbooks will come up with all sorts of wacky bets to pass the time throughout the long NFL offseason. Today, while sipping on my morning coffee, I discovered some interesting NFL player prop bets for the 2017 season. These

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26 Jan 2017

Super Bowl LI MVP Odds

One of the most popular aspects of any Super Bowl, to the average person, is gambling on random events that take place throughout the game. The hype of the big day mixed with blowout Super Bowl parties turns the event into the biggest sporting day of the year.

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