13 Jan 2012

NFL Playoff Preview: Saints at 49ers

If the conditions are windy and sloppy – like they can be in San Francisco – the advantage goes to the home team. When it all comes down to it the home team keeps it close, but in the fourth quarter the Saints offense can only be contained for so long – Saints 31 49ers 23.

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Super Bowl Picks
12 Jan 2012

NFL Playoff Picks: Divisional Round

The point spread for this up coming NFL playoff weekend is massive, and something I want nothing to do with. Either the oddsmakers are using the same computer that brought us a terrible BCS championship game or someone has been drinking the kool aid. Clearly the Tebow magic can keep things closer than 14

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11 Jan 2012

Talent vs. Playoff Experience, Does it Really Matter?

Playoff experience means more to some, than it does to others. The concept of the idea, that one could be more seasoned in a playoff game is true to a certain degree. That notion of learning from your mistakes or a sense of higher confidence is completely understandable.

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06 Jan 2012

Gridiron Experts Wildcard Playoff Picks

This weekend features 4 NFL wildcard games that look to be very entertaining. This group of post-season talent sure does feature a lot of newbies, rookie QB’s and or teams with sub-par records? We could have a straight forward butting kicking from all the Vegas-favorites,although…

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06 Jan 2012

NFL Playoff Preview: Falcons at Giants

The Giants enter Sunday’s game with the momentum, and not just from the luxury of getting to playing at home. The G-Men are ridding high from their Week 17 victory over the Cowboys and are still gloating about being the best team in New York after gift-wrapping a Xmas whooping on the Jets a couple weeks back.

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06 Jan 2012

NFL Playoff Preview: Lions at Saints

NFL Playoff Wildcard Weekend preview between two of the leagues most high scoring offense’s: The New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions. Who can out shoot who?

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23 Nov 2011

Thursday Turkey Picks

Of all the teams that the Green Bay Packers face this season the one that we have all circled to be a great challenge is the Detroit Lions. Both of these two teams are exciting, high scoring powerhouse’s of offense that can score at will. The real key to this game has to lie in the defense.

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NFL Pigskin Picks
16 Nov 2011

NFL Pigskin Picks Week 11

Amazing that we are entering the 11th week of the NFL season, and there are still so many teams that are difficult to figure out. Most the time this late into the season fans and pick’em experts have a pretty good idea of who’s who. The 2011 season has been hardly an open book.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 5
03 Nov 2011

Week 9 NFL Picks

Get all your Pigskin Picks for Week 9 in the NFL. There are so great games this Sunday, check to see who we like in each contest.

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Sunday Night Preview: Cowboys at Eagles
29 Oct 2011

Sunday Night Showdown: Big D in the Eagles Nest

Sunday Night Football finally has a match-up we can sink our teeth into. The Philadelphia Eagles host NFC rivals the Dallas Cowboys.Romo vs.Vick should be fun Sunday night!

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