02 Aug 2019

10 Fantasy Football Breakout Players in 2019

Fantasy Football Breakout Players We are on the heels of the start of the NFL season which can only mean one thing; fantasy football season is right around the corner! Is there anything more exciting than researching players, doing mock drafts, tuning into training camp, and drafting an elite fantasy

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30 Jul 2019

Best Ball Draft Strategy: The Tight End First Approach

TE First Best Ball Strategy Best Ball is quickly becoming one of the more popular forms of fantasy sports, especially for fantasy football. While some play it to sharpen their skills as a form of mock drafting, others are choosing Best Ball as a league format for leagues. DRAFT currently

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27 Jul 2019

Offensive Coordinator Data, Fantasy Projections and More

Sponsored Post: Jess Jones (@majesstik1) Premium Data Offer Does your thirst for data and projections never satiate? Are you like me, and want to have every bit of data in your corner to form your opinions or project players and build your own rankings? If so, I am making my

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23 Jul 2019

2019 NFL Power Rankings

2019 NFL Power Rankings (Training Camp Edition) There were many surprises throughout the NFL season last year. Plenty of teams took their bumps and bruises, others soared to successful seasons. After ending their playoff drought, the Jaguars regressed and missed the playoffs yet again. After coming off of a magical

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19 Jul 2019

Zero RB Draft Strategy in 2019

Zero RB Draft Strategy 2019 Football season is creeping upon us and that means fantasy football draft season is even closer. I think the draft is the main difference between having a great season and having your season crumble in front of you. The draft sets up your main roster

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10 Jul 2019

Making a Case For Zach Ertz To Be TE1 in 2019

Zach Ertz Fantasy 2019 Did you know that Zach Ertz averaged 9.8 targets and 7.2 receptions per game last season? No other tight end has averaged more targets or receptions in a single season since 2000. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been anointed as the TE1 heading

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09 Jul 2019

Where’s the Value in the San Francisco 49ers offense?

The San Francisco 49ers have built an offense which features a plethora of potential fantasy football phenoms. The offense is led by Kyle Shanahan, who is known for his creative west coast and zone running schemes. That creativity is great for the 49ers win potential in 2019, but it makes

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08 Jul 2019

7 Players with a Very Negative Fantasy Football Perception in 2019

The Hate is Real Throughout fantasy drafts often times you will find yourself avoiding particular players. Whether it be their draft price, the fact that you don’t think they are good, or just plain spite. Regardless I have compiled a list of seven players that have a negative fantasy perception

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08 Jul 2019

Should Zero TE Be A More Popular Strategy?

ZeroTE Strategy Fading a position completely has become increasingly popular in fantasy football over the years. We hear fantasy analysts every day talk about strategies like “ZeroRB” and “Wait on QB”. But, it doesn’t seem like ZeroTE has gotten as much traction despite it being a widely known volatile position.

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03 Jul 2019

Patrick Mahomes vs Drew Brees: Where’s the Value?

It is a tale of two quarterbacks; the fiery young gun vs the poised super bowl champion veteran. It’s also a story of value, though, and fantasy football players looking to draft Mahomes are currently paying a much higher price than those choosing to wait for Brees. This article will

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