08 Aug 2010

Fantasy Football: Time Share Conundrum

Time share conundrum Felix Jones, Jonathan Stewart, and Matt Forte are arguably 3 of the most talented young runners in the NFL, yet they are all in a dreaded RBBC (running back by committee) situation. Stewart and Forte have shown superstar capabilities throughout a whole season. Jones has flashed an

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21 Jun 2010

Michael Crabtree Fantasy Preview

2009 was an odd year for Michael Crabtree. After a disappointing, injury induced end to his last year at Texas Tech, Crabtree decided that the NFL is where his skills needed to be. Hailed as the best WR prospect since Calvin Johnson, Crabtree inexplicably dropped to the 10th pick, three picks after Darrius Heyward-Bay, a speedster that only Al Davis could love. Still 10th pick in the NFL draft isn’t so bad, particularly when you’re starting contract is around $20 million dollars.

While most college grads would do backflips, Crabtree and his posse of “counselors” decided that it wasn’t enough. Deion Sanders, one of his “counselors”, went on to say, “Why would you settle for $20 million when you f

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