14 Nov 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 11

This week marked the start of Thursday night football beginning with an AFC West showdown that gave one team sole possession of the division whilst transitioning into a weekend filled with a number of blowouts, bad coaching decisions and some shock and ah, man moments.

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2011 Best and Worst Value: Quarterbacks
12 Nov 2011

10 Fantasy Players You Should Trade For

Check out this Fantasy Football Trade advisory column that factors in 3 stages of where you could be sitting in your fantasy league and check out 10 players that may be worth trading for to make a fantasy playoff push

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10 Nov 2011

Andy Dalton for Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Last year it was Sam Bradford, the year before that it was Percy Harvin, then Matt Ryan in 2008 and Adrian Peterson in 2007. The 2011 NFL season is only halfway from over and there are a number of young, talented and poised prospects fighting for the coveted rookie of the year award.

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Mike Vick Most Hated NFL Player
08 Nov 2011

Vick Tops Forbes List of NFL’s Most Disliked Players

Apparently a high number jersey sales isn’t the best indication of popularity any more. According to a recent poll published by Forbes surveys, Mike Vick still stands at the top of the list as the least “liked” player in the NFL.

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07 Nov 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 10

It was a mystery versus history weekend in the National Football League. The enigma surrounding the winless Miami Dolphins upsetting the hot Kansas City Chiefs is baffling, the sleeper Cincinnati Bengals standing at 6-2 and the Giants stunning the Patriots.

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07 Nov 2011

10 Fantasy Players That Pissed You Off Sunday

Fantasy Football is a fictional game that we can all take far too seriously at times. We occasional yell at the TV or our roll our eyes at our smart phones, but in reality the NFL could care less.

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NFL News and Rumors
06 Nov 2011

Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop

Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop We are entering the second half of another fantasy football season. Staying updated on the latest rumors, news, injuries and active/inactive lists has never been more important. There’s no need for you to search all over the web or squint at the annoying scroll on your

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Fantasy Football Awards
05 Nov 2011

Fantasy Football Mid-Season Awards

Another fantastic fantasy football season is already half over. Before we begin our drive towards the playoffs, let’s take a look at the state of our favorite fake sport

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Bolts Prepare to Host Defending Super Bowl Champs
05 Nov 2011

Chargers Prepare For Defending Super Bowl Champs

Coming off the bye week, the Green Bay Packers are still undefeated, the team to beat, and the number one squad in the NFL. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers leads the charge with twenty touchdowns and only three interceptions.

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Interesting NFL Stats
01 Nov 2011

20 Interesting NFL Stats Thus Far

When you stare at your fantasy football roster long enough, it’s hard to get a league-wide perspective on what’s going on in this bizarre 2011 NFL season. The following are 20 NFL stats that you may or may not be aware of, enjoy.

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