Fantasy Football
11 Dec 2011

Week 14 Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop

Week 14 Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop Weather doesn’t look to be a huge concern for Week 14. Clear and cold is the forecast for a ton of games. There could be rain in San Diego and at the two Florida games, Bucs and Jags and Eagles at Dolphins. It is

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Fantasy Football Playoffs
10 Dec 2011

Fantasy Advice: Match-ups vs. Elite Performers

It’s game time! You have earned yourself a chance to shut-up the league of know-it-all’s and battle against rivals and or the elite players in your fantasy pool. If you have compiled a fantasy team that requires no thinking, then this article really doesn’t apply to you….or does it?

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Fantasy Sleepers
08 Dec 2011

Deep Fantasy Playoff Sleepers: Week 14

There are always the super studs, the guys you will always start, but then there are the fringe guys who will make or break your playoff run. Be the guy who takes calculated risks, not the guy who blindly plays the same roster every week, regardless of match-ups.

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07 Dec 2011

Fantasy Football Love’em Hate’em: Week 14

Playoffs? Don’t talk about…playoffs! Are you kiddin me? Here’s my love em/hate em list heading into the fantasy, (insert your best Jim Mora voice here) “PLAYOFFS!” Check Out Justin’s Skenkel’s Love’em and Hat’em Fantasy Picks for Week 14

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Fantasy Football
04 Dec 2011

Week 13 Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop

Week 13 Fantasy Football Sunday Scoop Weather doesn’t look like it will be a big factor this week, which is unusual for December. There will be slight wind and drizzle forecast throughout the Northeast and Great Lakes area, but nothing that should make a huge impact on the gridiron. With

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Goal Line Gossip Week 13
03 Dec 2011

AFC Goal Line Gossip – Week 13

As you continue to focus on matchups, injuries, weather, and the other factors that tend to keep owners awake late at night; also remember that this week’s Thursday night affair involves the Eagles and Seahawks. Therefore, if you own LeSean McCoy,

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02 Dec 2011

Are the Packers, Saints Destined to Meet Post-Season?

Week one of the 2011 NFL season opened in spectacular style as the Super Bowl forty-four champion New Orleans Saints faced off against the Super Bowl forty-five champion Green Bay Packers at the not to be but forthcoming Frozen Tundra, with the latter putting…

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01 Dec 2011

DeSean Destruction

What is it about the wide receiver position in the National Football League? The one position on the field that needs the most help from his teammates to succeed has the biggest collection of ‘me first’ guys in the league.

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Andy Dalton & A.J Green
29 Nov 2011

Bengals 2011 Draft Class to Erase Years of Laughter

There is nothing funny about the exploits of Bengals rookie phenom Andy Dalton throwing to his bread and butter first year receiver (and mega overachiever) A.J. Green. To say they are a force to be reckoned with, is perhaps the biggest understatement of the year.

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29 Nov 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

The “Tebow Train” rolled to victory again, as the Broncos defeated the Chargers in overtime, while the Raiders held off the “Cutler-less” Bears, and the AFC East battle between the Jets and Bills ended in high fashion where karma got the best of Stevie Johnson and his teammates.

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