2011 Fantasy WR Targets Stats
29 May 2012

2011 Fantasy WR Targets Stats

One of the most underrated statistics in fantasy football is the target – The number of times a player is the intended target of a pass.
This stat looks at how often the quarterback is attempting to get the ball to a certain player. It doesn’t matter if the pass was caught, dropped, intercepted or even catch-able, it’s the fact that he was the marked man, the destination of the pass

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Fantasy Football
27 May 2012

Fantasy Running Backs YPC Average

One of the more trusted statistics of fantasy RB’s when searching for hidden gems, is the yards per carry average. That ability to gain every extra yard is a valuable asset to any NFL team. Most fantasy owners study total yards or touchdowns, yet a high YPC average for players who are splitting carries or are trying to earn their stripes in the NFL is a great indication of things to come.

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Best Fantasy RB Late Season 2011 Performers
26 May 2012

Best Fantasy RB Second Half Performers

In this article, we see a breakdown of last years workhorse fantasy running backs split from the first 8 games to the last 8 games.
No player that was injured for a significant portion of time is featured, yet with enough of an average it does paint a picture of hot and cold players from the first 8 games to the last 8 games.

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Fantasy Football
31 Mar 2012

5 Buyer Beware Fantasy Players For 2012

In just a matter of months, book stores and web sites will get flooded with fantasy football guides. In every one of those publications they are going to base most of their rankings on last year’s stats. While last year is a good place to start, buyer beware. Every year guys have one or two good games that inflate their stats and make them look more productive than they really were. Here are five guys that you need be careful with. Make sure you look beyond the stats so you don’t pick them too early.

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2011 Best and Worst Value: Quarterbacks
25 Jan 2012

2011 Best and Worst Fantasy Value: Quarterbacks

Best and Worst Fantasy Football Value: QB’s Since the 2011 fantasy football season ended, you’ve had a brief period to recharge. Yet many of you already want to start planning your 2012 drafts. This column will deliver the jump start that you need to begin that process. We will examine

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07 Dec 2011

Fantasy Football Love’em Hate’em: Week 14

Playoffs? Don’t talk about…playoffs! Are you kiddin me? Here’s my love em/hate em list heading into the fantasy, (insert your best Jim Mora voice here) “PLAYOFFS!” Check Out Justin’s Skenkel’s Love’em and Hat’em Fantasy Picks for Week 14

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02 Aug 2011

Fantasy Football Strategy: Draft Day Advice

Fantasy Football Strategy: Draft Day Advice With the NFL season creeping ever closer to kicking off, fantasy football fanatics are rejoicing as it’s almost time to prepare for their own fake football season. Hopefully the lockout hasn’t diverted all of your attention and you’ve had some time to get ready for your

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26 Jul 2011

Fantasy Football Strategy: Preparing for your draft

Fantasy football strategy: Preparing for your draft Now that it’s been confirmed that we will all be blessed with an uninterrupted season of professional football, preparations can begin for another fantastic fantasy season. Fantasy football continues to grow and grow, and there will be millions of new teams and owners

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30 Jun 2011

The 2011 Over-Drafted Fantasy Team

Every day the prospects for a full, uninterrupted professional football season are looking more and more promising. The number of fantasy drafts that have already taken place have increased to the point that

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Fantasy Football Stock Market
04 Nov 2010

NFL Fantasy Stock Market

Fantasy Stock Market The second half of the fantasy season is here, so the trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Fantasy leaguers can approach the deadline like they would the Stock Market. You can “buy” by upgrading  your roster for that championship push by acquiring depth or that final missing piece.

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