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Buy Low Sell High: Week 10

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football

Buy Low Sell High: Week 10One of the hardest aspects of Fantasy Football is knowing when to trade away a player that is about to cool off. We all have a tendency to hang on to our best players too long and miss opportunities to trade them when their stock is high. The best fantasy owners know when to buy low and sell high and aren’t too attached to any player on their rosters throughout the season.

Every week, the goal of this article is going to be to identify players that could be undervalued or overvalued in the fantasy community and try to leverage that information to make your team better. A well-timed trade can be one of the best ways to jumpstart your fantasy roster and get you to the top of the standings or solidify your first-place squad. We’ll be looking at three players from each side and trying to highlight specific targets to chase.


Fantasy Football Buy Candidates

Devin Singletary

Bills | Running Back 

Typically we start this side of the list with players not coming off their best game of the season, but Singletary is an exception. I think you can still get ahold of Singletary at a reasonable cost by leveraging his whole season in negotiations.

Singletary had a whooping 29 touches coming into last week before recording 23 against the Redskins and he made the most of them, like he’s been doing all season. He appears to have completely taken over the backfield in one week and is well worth paying a reasonable price to get on the squad. Buffalo is top 10 in rushing attempts per game, but a word of caution. Have a line in the sand with what you will pay. Singletary has a daunting playoff schedule, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help get you there.

Odell Beckham

Browns | Wide Receiver 

If you drafted Beckham this year, he has been extremely disappointing and the price should be low. It’s hard to argue that as Beckham has only worked his way towards just a WR24 ranking in PPR right now. Obviously that’s not what he was drafted for but that’s also not the worst-case scenario either. He’s a WR2 in a disaster season and his schedule is about to lighten up here a little bit.

Even with Freddie Kitchens really struggling in his role as a head coach and Baker Mayfield taking a massive step backwards, Beckham is still top 15 in targets and top 15 in air yards. With the schedule including Miami, Cincinnati, Arizona, and the Steelers twice(better this season but still should struggle with a receiver like Beckham), OBJ could easily be a back end WR1 for the rest of the season. The price should not be high at all with the perception surrounding this team right now.

Matt Ryan

Falcons | Quarterback 

Ryan is coming off a bye week and an ankle injury compounded by a terrible performance the last time we saw him. I’m going to use that to my advantage because the Ryan owner likely has another quarterback on their roster that they’re happy playing, even in a 2QB league. Before the poor game when he got injured, Ryan had 300 yards or more in every single game this season and still gets a sweetheart schedule the rest of the way.

Ryan faces the Bucs, Saints twice, Panthers twice and the Jaguars and none of those matchups is the scariest thing ever. On top of that, the Falcons defense is giving up the third-most points per game at 31.3 points a game. With Atlanta needing to score an average of 32 points and being the fourth-worst running team in the league at 68.5 yards per game, the offense is on Ryan’s shoulders and it’s not even close.



Fantasy Football Sell Candidates

Nick Chubb

Browns | Running Back 

I’m not breaking new ground here as many analysts are saying the same thing, but Chubb isn’t that bad of a trade candidate with Kareem Hunt coming back into town. Say what you will about Hunt but when he’s on the field, he is a very talented back and Kitchens has already said he has a role on this team.

When you have a back inside the top 10 in PPR formats, you have to make sure you get back the right return. Top-end running backs are basically Infinity Stones because backs like CMC and Dalvin Cook are virtually untouchable. Some candidates to flip for Chubb in my eyes are Leonard Fournette, Chris Carson and Josh Jacobs who faces the Chargers twice, Bengals, Chiefs, and the Jets coming down the stretch.

D.K. Metcalf

Seahawks | Wide Receiver 

There are few receivers who created so much consternation among analysts when they were coming out of college like Metcalf. There is no denying he’s an incredible physical specimen, but there were questions about how it would translate on the field. Seattle has done a very nice job of limiting the weaknesses in his game as they have used him as a downfield and red zone threat. With a 13.3 aDOT and being 10th in red-zone targets, he’s seeing a ton of high leverage targets but that can lead to some volatility for sure.

To wit, this past Sunday was the first time Metcalf has been over 90 yards in his career. Also, it’s the first time he’s exceeded four receptions in a single game. Since Seattle is 23rd in passing attempts a game, that’s going to be an issue for Metcalf long term. It’s not exactly a surprise that Metcalf saw his best game against one of the biggest pass funnels in football. As long as the Seahawks remain a team that refuses to fully unleash Russell Wilson unless they have to, it’s a good time to move on from Metcalf.

Derrick Henry

Titans | Running Back 

I have to give Henry some praise here because I would never have bet that he would be a top 10 running back even in PPR formats since he’s totaled just 11 receptions on the season. The biggest reason he’s still up there is he’s fourth in total touchdowns at eight. That’s good for him, but that’s not exactly what we want to count on in the fantasy playoffs.

Henry has a great matchup against the Chiefs this week, but then he has a bye week, Indy, Jacksonville, Houston and Week 16 he sees the Saints. That could be a major issue because the Saints are top five against running backs and the lack of receptions could really come back to bite him when he’s not falling into the end zone. Henry has proved doubters wrong to this point but he’s got a tough road to walk the rest of the way.

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