Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 9

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 9One of the hardest aspects of Fantasy Football is knowing when to trade away a player that is about to cool off. We all have a tendency to hang on to our best players too long and miss opportunities to trade them when their stock is high. The best fantasy owners know when to buy low and sell high and aren’t too attached to any player on their rosters throughout the season.

Every week, the goal of this article is going to be to identify players that could be undervalued or overvalued in the fantasy community and try to leverage that information to make your team better. A well-timed trade can be one of the best ways to jumpstart your fantasy roster and get you to the top of the standings or solidify your first-place squad. We’ll be looking at three players from each side and trying to highlight specific targets to chase.


Fantasy Football Buy Candidates

Jameis Winston

Buccaneers | Quarterback

jameis winston 2018I can already hear the grumbling as Winston can ruin a week with the best of them. He’s been a walking turnover since he’s been in the league and he’s still shown those tendencies at times. The perception is low right now because 10 of his 15 turnovers have come in the past two weeks but the thing with Winston is his schedule coming down the stretch is absolutely incredible.

He does not have a matchup inside the top half of the league the rest of the way and of the eight games left, four come against defenses that are in the bottom 10(Lions, Texans, Cardinals, and Falcons). Even when he turns the ball over, he’s managed solid fantasy games and he has shown the upside to not turn the ball over with four of his eight games played with one or fewer. This is a spot to swing for the fences.

John Brown

Bills | Wide Receiver 

At this time of the season, I’m trying to look for consistency as much as I can and John Brown fits that bill. Only he and Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints have hit the 50-yard threshold in every single game this season and that’s new territory for Brown, who has always been a bit more boom or bust. The marriage between him and Josh Allen has been perfect and Brown sits ninth in air yards in the league right now.

He’s only scored twice which isn’t indicative of the role or talent, and he’s 30th in targets with his bye week behind him. Here’s the catch for Brown, you can’t give up a ton for him because he’s not really usable in championship week. A rematch with the New England Patriots looms but the first time around, he did manage four receptions for 51 yards. Even if you don’t use him, he can help you get to that point of the year and shouldn’t cost much after a mediocre game this past week in the wind.

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Royce Freeman

Broncos | Running Back

Freeman is a very interesting candidate for me because the cost should be low and the role is possibly changing just a bit. Since Week 5, Freeman has 10 red zone carries while Phillip Lindsay has five. He has also out-snapped Lindsay from that point and one of the advantages Lindsay used to have was the red zone work. Freeman is second on the team in targets(which says something about that offense) and has a 17.5% target share.

He’s actually 11th in targets among all running backs which could increase with a backup QB on the way. He does have the Browns this week and then the bye, but after that he does not face a team that is in the upper half of the league against running backs for fantasy points given up. Freeman isn’t blowing anyone away, but he’s a top 20 back in PPR and is a nice flex option the rest of the way.



Fantasy Football Sell Candidates

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Steelers | Wide Receiver 

If you can get someone to bite on JuJu after a big game against the Dolphins, I would be looking into what you can get for him. It was great to see him produce under the lights and make fantasy owners happy with 100 plus yards, but that’s a new threshold for him. That’s right, that was the first time he’s been over 100 yards for the entire season. The previous three games saw him rack up only 97 yards and 11 receptions. I was one of the biggest proponents for this young man before the season started, but the QB turmoil for the Steelers have just crushed value from draft day. It’s wise to just make the best of it at this point.

Courtland Sutton

Broncos | Wide Receiver 

We’re back in Denver and while it might not be for the greatest return ever, but I’m not going to be upset about trying to move on from Courtland Sutton at this point. It’s not a desirable spot but the loss of Joe Flacco does hurt his production. Sure, Flacco isn’t exactly special but he’s better than Brandon Allen(who starts this week) or Drew Lock, who was drafted high to replace Flacco.

Even with Emmanuel Sanders now in San Francisco, the combo of quarterback play and schedule is going to be tough to overcome for Sutton. He has the Browns this week and then he has a bye. When he gets back, he draws the Bills, Chargers and the Chiefs, all inside the top 10 against the position. Under normal circumstances, I think Sutton could be a buy-low target after a slower week but this is the time to hopefully capitalize on Sutton being inside the top 15 on the season.

Mike Evans

Buccaneers | Wide Receiver 

This week was weird because we’re back to the same team as a buy-low again. You had better make sure you sell VERY  high if you’re aiming for this player, but I would be shopping Mike Evans right now after another monster performance. Do I think he’s going to be poor the rest of the way? Absolutely not. He leads the league in air yards and he’s the WR6 in PPR settings, and his schedule coming up is as good as Winston’s. There’s a catch with Evans because he’s been fairly inconsistent so far this year and he could cripple you at the worst time.

He’s been totally feast or famine, as three of his games are under 11 PPR points and the other four are over 18. He actually has a goose egg next to his name, which is absolutely crazy to consider. If you could get a Cooper Kupp or even his teammate Chris Godwin, I would actually think about that because both players should be more consistent for the rest of the season.


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Good Luck

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