Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 8

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 8One of the hardest aspects of Fantasy Football is knowing when to trade away a player that is about to cool off. We all have a tendency to hang on to our best players too long and miss opportunities to trade them when their stock is high. The best fantasy owners know when to buy low and sell high and aren’t too attached to any player on their rosters throughout the season.

Every week, the goal of this article is going to be to identify players that could be undervalued or overvalued in the fantasy community and try to leverage that information to make your team better. A well-timed trade can be one of the best ways to jumpstart your fantasy roster and get you to the top of the standings or solidify your first-place squad. We’ll be looking at three players from each side and trying to highlight specific targets to chase.


Fantasy Football Buy Candidates

Kenyan Drake

Dolphins | Running Back 

It really shouldn’t cost much and I’m not going to pay much in return, but trading for Kenyan Drake is a calculated gamble that could really pay off. He could(should) be traded before the deadline since the Dolphins are tanking. He finished as the RB14 in 2018, so his talent really shouldn’t be a question at this point. A team like the Detroit Lions just lost their starting back until Week 16 and he could slide right into a featured role on a team that actually is trying to win.

Now, there is clear downside because if he stays in Miami, he’s borderline unusable. The Dolphins have been working in Mark Walton at this point and Drake is only seeing 11.5 touches per game in Miami. Still, most folks aren’t going to ask for a ton in return and there’s some tangible upside if a move gets made and Drake is released from fantasy football purgatory.

Le’Veon Bell

Jets | Running Back 

Le’Veon Bell was facing a ton of questions coming into the season after sitting for an entire season in 2018. It’s certainly not all his fault, but he hasn’t exactly answered those questions as he sits as the RB17 on the season. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s not exactly what people were drafting at the start of the season. With the loss of quarterback Sam Darnold to mono for a chunk of the season and tough matchups, things are likely at their lowest point after the Monday night beating from the Patriots.

Now for the good news – Bell doesn’t see the Patriots the rest of the way and he’s already had his bye week. He’s averaging right about 21 touches a game and that puts him seventh in the league. He still has games against the Dolphins(twice), Bengals, Giants, and Redskins over the next few weeks. At his worst, Bell has been an RB2. We haven’t seen the best yet.

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Mark Andrews

Ravens | Tight End 

Mark AndrewsI’m using the bye week for Mark Andrews and making a move for him. I will grant you that it’s an odd time and it might be a little complicated since you have to plug in a tight end for this week, but I feel like things might not get worse for him as far as perception.

He’s coming off a horrific game on Sunday with multiple drops but is still sitting as the TE3 on the season. On top of that, he’s third in targets and third in air yards on the year among his position. He even has nine red zone targets, tied for second among the position. The schedule isn’t the greatest coming up, but with the amount of work that Andrews sees, he can overcome anything in front of him.



Fantasy Football Sell Candidates

Marvin Jones

Lions | Wide Receiver 

Marvin JonesIt’s probably a very easy target and maybe people won’t bite on it, but Id’ be trying to sell just about any player that racked up four touchdowns in a game and Marvin Jones is no exception. He does have a 19.7% target share and the aDOT is very close to Kenny Golladay, but Jones just scored roughly 43 of his 99 points on the season last week. He’s only been over 10 PPR points one other time all season and I’m happy to take a different flex level player back that might have a bit more stability.

Chase Edmonds

Cardinals | Running Back 

Chase Edmonds and the Cardinals frustrated a lot of people last week and it appears like David Johnson could miss some time with Arizona looking to sign a running back. After he thoroughly dominated the Giants, I believe it’s the perfect time to move Edmonds to any team but maybe the DJ owner would be the best target.

Edmonds has been excellent in his touches this year with a 5.6 YPC and a 10.0 YPR, so he’s thriving in the Kliff Kingsbury system. The schedule is about to get a lot harder over the next five weeks. They have the Saints this week, Buccaneers(best run defense in the NFL as of right now), the 49ers twice and then a bye week. For the next five weeks, he’s going to be a very risky start and will be back to a handcuff status if/when Johnson gets healthy.

Sony Michel

Patriots | Running Back 

The Patriots might be undefeated but I can’t say I’d be thrilled to be a Sony Michel owner. He is close to being totally reliant on touchdowns and that can be a problem, even on an offense like the Patriots that will give him chances to score often. He’s outside the top 20 in points per game despite being 15th in yardage at this point. One of the biggest things holding him back is being basically zero in the passing game.

Michel only has six receptions on the season and that doesn’t even rank in the top 50 among running backs. He’s been under 65 rushing yards in four of seven games this year and has only topped 15 PPR points twice, once being Monday night on the back of three touchdowns. Being reliant on a player like that is not the best recipe for week to week consistency and that’s one of my goals at this point in the season for building a team for the playoffs.

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