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Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football Week 8

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Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football Week 8Waiver wire acquisitions aren’t the only way to transform your team after draft day is over. The art of the trade is knowing when to sell a hot hand about to cool and acquire a player with an upward trajectory. The purpose of this article is to identify players whose value has peaked and possibly trading them for a player with brighter days ahead.

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with staying put, so always keep value in mind and demand more if you’re the owner of a player who is trending upwards. Timing is everything, especially in fantasy, so use this article as a tool to help your team turn the corner no matter where you stand this year.


Fantasy Football Buy Candidates

Michael Thomas

Saints – Wide Receiver

Just when you thought Micheal Thomas’s stock couldn’t get any lower, he tweaks a hamstring and has to sit out another week. There is talk that he could be available for trade at the right price, but I don’t think that’s a realistic option for a team in what could quite possibly be Drew Brees’ last season. The Saints have high aspirations, and once Thomas gets healthy he will go back to being an integral part of the operation. Look to acquire Thomas in both redraft and dynasty, as 2019’s overall WR1 has shown that he’s the type of player that can produce no matter the quarterback he’s playing with.

Ezekiel Elliot

Cowboys – Running Back

The Cowboys have become so utterly bad that I stress every week to sell someone who just played them (it’s actually not going to happen this week), but now is the time to use their disastrous season to your benefit in dynasty. In redraft, I wouldn’t buy Zeke for the remainder of the season with the decimated O-line and quarterback situation he’s been dealt, but he’s far from washed up. Yes, he’s had his own fair share of the blame with fumbles, but he still ranks as the overall RB3 in PPR scoring. If you are in a rebuild in dynasty, look to acquire Zeke from an owner who is contending and in need of a running back that is producing this year. The price will be steep — but after a combined 18.1 points the past two weeks, this may be the chance your rebuild can’t pass up.

Irv Smith Jr.

Vikings – Tight End

In Week 5, Irv Smith received 5 targets in what may have been a fluke; but he did it again in Week 6, beginning to edge on a trend. He’s posted double-digit points in PPR scoring in both of these outings, which is more than serviceable when looking for consistency from a tight end this year. Smith logged a season-high 59 snaps in Week 5 and out-snapped Zach Rudolph in Week 6. The Vikings may have used the bye week to get Smith even more involved, and you can use their bye week to buy him off of owners who may have overlooked his recent performances.


Fantasy Football Sell Candidates

Diontae Johnson

Steelers – Wide Reciever

Diontae Johnson’s value soared through the roof on Sunday while he was attracting 15 targets for 9 receptions, 80 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Unfortunately, he was probably on your bench, as he hasn’t produced consistently enough to crack your starting lineups. All of the Steelers’ young receivers have shown their extremely high upside, so I wouldn’t sell in dynasty; however, I would use this to your advantage in redraft. Johnson’s injury late in the 4th quarter may make him less attractive, but it speaks directly to his inconsistency this year and is even more reason to move him in the short term.

David Johnson

Texans – Running Back

Now I’m not saying you should go ahead and give David Johnson away, but it’s time to start looking at the fantasy playoff schedule. In weeks 13 and 15, Johnson takes on Indy’s tough defense with the Bears sandwiched in between. Johnson has shown fantasy owners that he can provide consistency, as he has double-digit points in 6 of 7 games this year. With Johnson on a bye this week, you’ll have time to find the right package. I’d be more interested in adding someone like Chase Edmonds, or selling Johnson as part of a package to acquire Jonathan Taylor, who has a very soft schedule for the rest of the year.

Antonio Brown

Buccaneers – Wide Reciever

Antonio Brown is back on an NFL team with quite possibly the greatest quarterback of all time — that’s as high as his stock has been since, well, the last time that happened in Week 2 of 2019. No one can argue with his upside as he finished as the overall WR1 four times in his career. However, he faces many obstacles in his return; he’s now 32, hasn’t played in over a year, he’s in a crowded receiving core, and his coach didn’t exactly want him on the team. I’d sell now since you probably got him for free during the week, or for the price of whatever waivers your league uses. I don’t think anybody would be surprised if the Antonio Brown experiment crashes and burns (even if it happens as you’re reading this article), so get something definite out of him while you can.

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