Buy Low Sell High

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 6

Melvin Gordon

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football

Buy Low Sell High Fantasy Football: Week 6

One of the hardest aspects of Fantasy Football is knowing when to trade away a player that is about to cool off. We all have a tendency to hang on to our best players too long and miss opportunities to trade them when their stock is high. The best fantasy owners know when to buy low and sell high and aren’t too attached to any player on their rosters throughout the season.

Every week, the goal of this article is going to be to identify players that could be undervalued or overvalued in the fantasy community and try to leverage that information to make your team better. A well-timed trade can be one of the best ways to jumpstart your fantasy roster and get you to the top of the standings or solidify your first-place squad. We’ll be looking at three players from each side and trying to highlight specific targets to chase.


Fantasy Football Buy Candidates

A.J. Green

Bengals | Wide Receiver 

We’re bringing some heavy hitters to the buy portion of this week’s version of the article and we’re starting in Cincinnati. This is really only a move if you’re sitting near the top of your league, with some room to not count on Green for a little while longer. He’s already been ruled out for Week 6 so that gives you an opportunity. Some owner in your league spent a 6th round pick(on average) on a receiver that they have gotten exactly zero points from so far. While that’s far from a death sentence, it’s not ideal to burn a 6th rounder.

I think there are only 3 realistic outcomes for Green. One is he could potentially just sit out and wait for a new contract. That option really seems far-fetched since he’s 31 years old coming off an injury. He will want to prove he’s worth one more big contract. Maybe that comes in Cincinnati, where the offense is throwing the ball the third most attempts in the NFL. That would certainly be a fine option, but the possibility of a trade lurks. The Bengals are staring at a big-time rebuild and Green doesn’t fit that timeline. You can get a WR that has been a Pro Bowl player in 7 of his 8 seasons so far in a high volume passing offense or a better team environment. Even if Green is not the caliber he once was, he’s a small risk well worth taking.

Melvin Gordon

Chargers | Running Back 

We’re heading into Week 6 and Gordon has a grand total of 16 touches, 38 yards and 0 TD’s. It’s a great time to see if the owner is panicking because Gordon finally saw the field this year but did nothing with it. However, let’s compare it with other holdouts over the past 2 seasons. This might not be the apples to apples comparison that we aim for, but it can help provide a road map.

When Ezekiel Elliott came back for Week 1 this year after missing all of camp, he had 14 touches for under 65 yards. Let’s rewind to 2017 and Le’Veon Bell with the Steelers. He missed all of training camp and the first game only saw 13 touches and 47 yards. Both of those players were back to full speed in no time and the frustration with Gordon has to be mounting. The window will close soon and even though Austin Ekeler will remain very involved in this offense, Gordon is still the number one option. Give it a shot before you have to pay the full price and with the running back landscape,, Gordon can still be a top 15 back even with Ekeler being involved.

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Tevin Coleman

49ers | Running Back 

Coleman came back after missing some time with an ankle injury and didn’t look like he was any worse for wear, ripping off almost 100 yards and a TD against the Browns on Monday night. Since Matt Breida went for an 80+ yard TD run as well and they split snaps through the game to basically a 50% draw, owners might still be a little leery about Coleman. I’m not concerned about that at all because we(raises hand to include myself) can get a little caught up in snaps counts. Sure, Coleman played a few less snaps than Breida. However, he touched the ball 16 times. If I’m getting a back who has 12-15 touches in the Kyle Shanahan system, sign me up. If he comes at a discounted price, that makes it all the better.


Fantasy Football Sell Candidates

Aaron Jones

Packers | Running Back

Aaron Jones FantasyI’d be doing all I could to sell Jones as fast as possible because his value is likely not going to be any higher than it is right this second. He destroyed the Cowboys defense and rolled up 4 touchdowns but that was without Jamaal Williams in the mix. I’m not here to tell you Jones isn’t talented or shouldn’t be the clear lead back in the Green Bay offense. It’s more that Matt LaFleur views this as a two-back system when Williams has been around.

The last time they were both on the field for the whole game, Williams saw 61% of the snaps to 39% for Jones. He saved his day with 2 touchdowns that day, but Williams had 12 attempts to 10 for Jones. Williams also rushed for 59 yards compared to 19 for Jones, so there’s every chance that Williams will maintain a large role when he comes back from his concussion. I’m getting out from Jones while I can.

D.J. Chark

Jaguars | Wide Receiver 

Much like Cooper Kupp last week, I’m not saying that Chark is a player that is fluky or untalented or shouldn’t have a very good rest of the season. What I am saying is that he’s not going to be the WR5 for the rest of the way, as he’s not going to score a TD every single game like he’s on pace to do. He’s an air yards darling with over 530 through the first five weeks, but what happens if his QB changes again later this year?

There’s no denying that Gardner Minshew has been playing extremely well. He has 9 touchdowns to just 1 interception and is completing 66.7% of his passes at a 7.8 yards per attempt. What is also undeniable is Nick Foles has 50 million guaranteed reasons why this could still be his job when he gets back from injury. There’s no guarantee that the Foles/Chark connection would be the same and it’s a murky outlook from that perspective. Chark is going to be great with Minshew, but that might not continue the rest of the way.

Todd Gurley

Rams | Running Back 

In the same way that we talked about snap counts before, everyone is ecstatic that Gurley played over 90% of the snaps but I’m still not there yet. Gurley is a top 15 back and has been helped immensely by the 4 touchdowns the past 2 weeks. I’m not a scout by any stretch and maybe others won’t agree with me, but I don’t think Gurley looks nearly the same as 2018.

His yards per game on the ground has dropped to just 54 yards, which is in line with the 2016 Jeff Fisher glory days. I thought before the season that his receptions could offset the loss of anything rushing, but that hasn’t happened at all. In 5 games, Gurley has 14 receptions for 68 yards. His yards per reception has gone from 9.8 last season to 4.9 this year. It’s hard to convince me that Gurley is the same and the double touchdowns won’t save him every week, even in the Rams offense.

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Good Luck

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