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Brock Bowers NFL Draft Odds


The NFL Draft is always an exciting event for NFL fans and Fantasy Football fans. This year is no expection, with a talented group of wide receivers that is deep that years past. However, one player that isn’t getting talked aboout enough in my opinion is Brock Bowers from Georgia.

Bowers, is a prolific tight end who can catch passes and infuse them with a unique combination of speed, acceleration, and body control. Throughout his three years of college, Bowers topped the Georgia football team in receiving yards a with high volume of targets and prodction. As a route runner, Georgia TE plays with unwavering pace, which enables him to outpace man coverage. He’s also very good at taking advantage of zone pockets to get huge plays and first downs. Although, maybe Bowers’s best ability is tearing through tacklers and adding up yardage after the catch.

NFL Fantasy picks have been burned with the Tight End postion in the past. Hype has killed a alot of first year players. However, Bowers will be a decent blocker in the pros which coaches value as a huge asset. Bowers is a quick athlete, he doesn’t have the elite metrics that early first-round picks usually have, but he seems destined to be a very successful NFL player with Pro Bowl potential.

So where is he going?

NFL Draft Odds

  • Jets +180
  • Colts +400
  • Bengals +600
  • Bears +800
  • Chargers +900
  • Bronocs +1000
  • Titans +1100
  • Saints +1600
  • Rams +2000
  • Seahawks +2000
  • Giants +2200
  • Cowboys +2500
  • Dolphins +3000
  • Raiders +4000

My Picks

Bowers is one of the harder rookies to place in the first round. A lot of the odds favorites make sense, in terms of “team needs” except most of the thems have bigger needs. Also GMs don’t always draft for need, some believe you take the best athlete available regardsof team depth.

The Jets make the most sense and I understand why they are the heavy favorites to land Bowers. Rodgers loves to target TE’s in the redzone and after a year off due to injury, they may feel pressured to get their quarterback a shinny new toy. On the flip side, they lost Rodgers due to OL issues, and despite signing talent in free agency to bolsters their line, doulbling down and adding a first round offense tackle is a smart pick that could help create a bunker for Rodgers to thrive in.

The Colts, Bengals, Bears and Chargers all have more pressing needs in my opinion. The Raiders are interesting, and I could see them possibly snagging him at pick 13, then moving back into the first to get a quarterback like Michael Penix or Bo Nix. There is solid quarterback depth this year.

A deep sleeper that I like, is the Philadelphia Eagles +6000. If Bowers gets past the Bengals I could see the Birds trading up.

The Eagles downward spirl last season didn’t exactly happen when Dallas Goedert went down, but the offense did change and became predictable. Adding a player like Brock Bowers means the team can play more in 12 personnel, (one running back, two tight ends, and two wide receivers). This would allow new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to have all his best players on the field at all times. A powerful offensive line plus two two great pass catching tight ends would create a deadly play-action passing game.

The best part about these NFL Draft odds is you can be flexible with it. Making three small bets on where Bowers or any rookie is drafted increases your odds for a profitable and fun day. My advice if you do wager on the NFL Draft is to keep picking landing spots to two or three teams. Don’t go over board.

College Stats

2021 15 56 882 15.8 13 4 56 14.0 1
2022 15 63 942 15.0 7 9 109 12.1 3
2023 10 56 714 12.8 6 6 28 4.7 1
ALL 40 175 2538 14.5 26 19 193 10.2 5
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