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Boom Fantasy Review: Unique Twist on the DFS Format We Love

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Boom Fantasy Review

With new daily fantasy sports platforms continuing to emerge, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on which site is the best to play. Most new DFS sites simply change the requirements of the game, like adding a flex player or allowing the option of two quarterbacks, but overall the game isn’t much different than the bigger players DraftKings and Fanduel. However, I recently tried Boom Fantasy, who are completely turning the things on its side, I was hooked right away.


Like any game we play, the most important aspect is the gameplay itself. Boom Fantasy is unique in its game format as it will ask players questions such as “Which player between Tom Brady and Matt Ryan will have more passing yards on Saturday?” Players will continue to answer questions like this for the other positions until they reach the Lightning Bolt question. This will be a more specific question such as “How many receiving yards will Antonio Brown have this week?” Players will then give their best prediction and are awarded handsomely if they are correct. In most cases, it will be tough to guess that exact number, but players still want to be as close as possible to the right amount. The final question serves as the tie-breaker in terms of whoever is closest. Additionally, all the player selections can be tracked in real-time. All rosters will finish with either a four or eight-player lineup depending on the contest players are in. Boom Fantasy features two main different contest styles: Pick’em and Jackpot.

Boom Fantasy DFS questions
Boom Fantasy questions

Two Styles

Pick’em contests: (Four or eight questions) – Players earn points based on a statistic a player accumulates plus bonus points for picking the player who has the highest of that statistic.

Jackpot contests:  If a player correctly goes 4/4 or 8/8, they win the Jackpot. There are four main types of Jackpot contests: The Mighty Dollar, The $2 Progressive, The $100K, and the Million Dollar.

  • The Mighty Dollar- $1 entry and a 4/4 of questions win the Jackpot. The cool element about the Jackpot is that it follows a progressive style. This means that the Jackpot will continue to grow until somebody wins it! Currently, it is at $324. So if somebody played last week and lost, they can redeem themselves and win their money back the following week. Assuming nobody from Gridiron Experts decided to play that following week as well…
  • The $2 Progressive – $2 entry and an 8/8 of questions win the Jackpot. Similar to the Mighty Dollar it also follows a progressive style. And players should not worry if they do not get that 8/8. This contest is all about being progressive, so everyone else that plays will win a prize if at least one person hits on the 8/8. Right now, this contest is at $33,754. Time to get my $2 lineup set up. Thank me on Twitter. Remember it is @Andrewerickson_! Do not forget that underscore. Maybe with the extra $33,000, I can buy off that jerk that took the @Andrewerickson Twitter handle.
  • The 100k – $3 entry and 8/8 of questions win the Jackpot. A $100,000 prize!
  • The Million Dollar – $4 entry and 8/8 of questions win the Jackpot. A $1,000,000 prize, but there are small consolation prizes that go out to users that go 7/8, 6/8, and 5/8.

Boom Fantasy App


Boom Fantasy’s app is one of the nicest DFS apps I’ve tried out. It’s very clean and has a very smooth responsive design. If you were thinking about trying Boom Fantasy out, I would highly suggest you download the app.

Boom Fantasy also has the common courtesy to not have new players lose versus the experts. It will mark off specific players with an orange check mark to identify them as highly experienced players. They receive that check mark when they meet one of these two criteria.

  1. Enter at least 1,000 contests at Boom Fantasy
  2. Win $1,000 or more in a single contest more than three times at Boom Fantasy

When selecting players, Boom Fantasy favors the underdog, in terms of points. Basically rewarding more points to the player that went with the less obvious pick. For example in terms of passing yards for Saturday who will have more? Marcus Mariota or Tom Brady? Considering Brady led the league in passing yards, it will be more probable than not that he emerges victorious. However, if he does it is worth only 5,000 points bonus whereas if Mariota wins, 10,000 points as his bonus. Remember those bonus points are only allowed to the player that wins or if there is a tie. In a case of a tie, both players the receive the bonus points.

The other feature that is important to highlight is that of questions being canceled in case player’s do not play. Roster questions with one player get canceled if the other does not play. Same idea if both do not play or if more than half the players do not play.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Boom Fantasy is a nice-shakeup to the salary stricken daily fantasy format that so many are still so locked into. Comparing one versus one or one versus four is just so much easier, than analyzing an entire slate of players. The Jackpot concept is also extremely entertaining. To see it rise week after week, as a tease, will provide a great challenge for Boom Fantasy players. That being said as it caters to more hardcore players, the questions make is much easier for a “noobie” to play. Never could get my parents as casual fantasy players to play daily fantasy, but with Boom Fantasy, they could have a change of heart.

If you’re thinking about trying out Boom Fantasy, click here for a special deposit bonus offer.

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