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Boom Fantasy Divisional Round Picks and Tips

Boom FantasyThe buzz around the Gridiron Experts staff has been about Boom Fantasy this week. I shared the site with my crew for the Wildcard round last weekend, and it has created some competitive interest amongst our staff. Mainly because Boom Fantasy isn’t about fitting daily fantasy players under a payroll, it’s more about making projections and bold calls. Andrew Erickson wrote a review on Boom Fantasy this week that I think you should check out. In a nutshell, Boom Fantasy is a lot like a prop bet contest website – which is awesome!

For those of you who have read some of my articles in the past, know that back in the day I used to love Prop Bets. I would bet on who was going to score the first touchdown of a game or what would be the first score of the game (TD, FG, Sty). In fact, I have infamous Super Bowl story about a Prop Bet that I might as well break out:

I hosted a big party for Super Bowl XLVI, Giants vs. Pats back in 2012. I had a ton of prop bets going for the game, including first to score. A large group of my friends were late to the party and showed up a little into the first quarter. I was annoyed they were late as I was trying to watch the game. My wife being a great hostess invited them in making chit-chat as they came in the door. I didn’t get up, instead, I was eating a huge plate of hot wings. Just as people moved into the TV room, Tom Brady attempted a play action pass, but a heavy rush from Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck forced a deep throw into the middle of the field, with no receiver anywhere near it. Brady was flagged for intentional grounding, and since he was in the end zone when he threw the pass, the play resulted in a safety. New York started the game with 2–0 lead. Of all the bets I placed that day, $10 on a safety to be the first score of the game…. was one of them. It paid 100 to 1. I jumped out of my seat screaming. My mouth was full of hot wings. People at the party were confused. Someone thought I was chocking, others thought I was mad at the call, everyone just looked at me like a crazy person. After my mouth could be put out from the hot wings (with beer of course), I explained I had money on the Safety being the first score of the game, they all laughed and then cheered. I tell that story every year, but also follow it up with the fact that the safety bet was the only bet I won that day.

At Boom Fantasy, you get all the excitement from making bold predictions, but you don’t have to drop a ton of cash on each bet. The games consisted of questions about an individual game or a series of games, which I thought I share with you for the Divisional round. The following are the 8 questions to a $5 divisional round contest at Boom Fantasy and my thoughts below.

Question 1: Which player will have more passing yards on Saturday?

  • Tom Brady
  • Matt Ryan

Question: 2: Which of the following players will have the most rushing yards on Saturday? 

  • Derrick Henry
  • Jay Ajayi
  • Dion Lewis
  • Devonta Freeman

Question 3: Which of these players will have the most receiving yards on Saturday?

  • Brandin Cooks
  • Zach Ertz
  • Mohamed Sanu
  • Eric Decker

Question 4: Which of these players will have the most receptions on Saturday?

  • Delanie Walker
  • Danny Amendola
  • Alshon Jeffery
  • Austin Hooper

Question 5: Which of these players will have the most total Touchdowns on Saturday?

  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Nelson Agholor
  • Tevin Coleman
  • Rishard Matthews

Question 6: Which of these players will have the most passing TD’s on Saturday?

  • Tom Bray
  • Matt Ryan
  • Nick Foles
  • Marcus Maritoa

Question 7: How many receiving yards will the Patriots Rob Gronkowski have on Saturday?

Boom Fantasy 4

Question 8: How many receiving yards will Julio Jones have on Saturday?

Boom Fantasy 5

My Thoughts:

I’m not going to give away all my answers here, as I sure there are going to be a few people that will see this article and signup to Boom Fantasy just to beat me – lol. However, I will offer some tips on how to win these types of contests. For starters, there are only 116 people in this contest, so you don’t have to take a contrarian approach with your answers, although picking an underdog will help you move up the scoreboard quickly. I feel questions 1 through 4 could go a number of ways, but whatever picks you do choose, make sure you line them up with your overall prediction for each game. For example, I think the Patriots game is a lot closer than what the oddsmakers are projecting (Pats -13.5). Therefore, I think the running game for the Titans remains a major factor throughout the contest and that Tennessee won’t have to spend the second half throwing because they’re trailing. I think Tom Brady wins question one, and Derrick Henry wins questions two. I’m also aligning my prediction of Brady’s passing yards to matchup with Question 7.

My advise to playing these sorts of games would be mapping out how you think each game will unfold, and then pick players based on the score or outcome of your personal gut feelings. The worse thing you could do is have conflicting answers.

Good luck this week, if you want to join me in a contest at Boom Fantasy, there is still time, Click Here to signup today!

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