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Bengals Trade LB Keith Rivers to Giants

Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals 2012 Draft Order

Cincinnati Bengals
1 17 From Raiders
1 21
2 21 (53)
3 21 (83)
4 21 (116)
5 21 (156)
5 31 (166) From Patriots
5 32 (167) From Giants
6 21 (191)

Cincinnati BengalsThe Cincinnati Bengals dealt Linebacker Keith Rivers to the Giants for the 167th overall pick Wednesday. Grabbing something for player that was most likely going to be cut. Rivers became expendable when the Bengals re-signed Manny Lawson last week and the Giants felt the addition was well worth such a late round pick.

The Bengals now have 3 extra picks from other NFL teams and look to be able to add a solid core of players through the the draft. Fans are bent out of shape for the team not going after more free agents, but you need to remember that despite Cincinnati  making a first round playoff appearance, they are in a rebuilding mode.

The QB to WR rookie combo will improve next year, but after a winning season the team is about to face a much more difficult schedule. The Bengals have a terrible track record for ruining NFL draft wealth, but in the last few seasons the Bengals have shown steps that they are learning to play the off-season game much better.

This trade may be minor, but Bengal fans need to at least acknowledge the fact that 5 years ago they would have just cut Rivers, without any success of making a trade and adding a draft pick.

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